Rubber Curing System handles complex profiles.

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Suited for automotive and appliance industries, ProfileIR generates intense short wave infrared energy (NIR) in heating chamber with 6 independently controlled heating zones that immediately cure surface of rubber to cast and hold profile shape. Surface cure also eliminates scuff marks and creates smooth, unblemished appearance on final product. Moveable base can be positioned on extrusion line, and chamber can be tilted to accommodate droop in line.

Original Press Release:

Research Inc. Introduces the New ProfileIR

The ProfileIR is a Rubber curing system specifically designed to cure complex profiles used in the automotive and appliance industries.

The intense short wave infrared energy (NIR) generated in the heating chamber immediately cures the surface of the rubber to cast and hold the profile shape. This surface cure will also eliminate scuff marks as the profile comes in contact with a belt in the long final cure oven and create a smooth unblemished appearance on the final product.

The heating chamber has six independently controlled heating zones that surround the profile so more heat can be focused on areas with greater mass and less on the thin sections that are susceptible to over curing. These heating zones can be easily set on the Allen Bradley keypad terminal and stored for rapid set up when a job is repeated.

The ProfileIR has a moveable base that can be conveniently positioned on the extrusion line and the chamber can be tilted with the push of a button to accommodate droop in the line. A two chamber system with center support is available to control the position of thin or delicate extrusion.

The system comes complete. All that is required is to bring utilities to the control panel and it's ready to operate.

Sales inquiries should be directed to Gail Martinson Research, Inc., 7128 Shady Oak Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. (952) 829-8356.

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