Rubber Connectors are suited for use in milling industry.

Press Release Summary:

Made from FDA-approved materials in any size and any shape, Rubber Flex Connectors provide connection between discharge chute from screen and pneumatic blow lines in mills. They replace fabric connectors used in milling industry, minimizing maintenance concerns, and provide alternate approach to rubber sleeves, socks, boots, or tubes. Constructed with smooth interior surface, products are offered with wall thicknesses from 1/32-2 in.

Original Press Release:

Rubber Flex Connectors, by Reichel-Korfmann, Offer a New Approach to Rubber Sleeves, Socks, Boots or Tubes

Milwaukee, WI Rubber Flex Connectors, by Reichel-Korfmann, offer a NEW approach to rubber sleeves, socks, boots or tubes. RK Rubber provides an all American made, durable connection between the discharge chute from the screen and the pneumatic blow lines in mills. Most connectors are fabric. Fabric connectors used in the milling industry typically need to be replaced frequently due to rapid wear and separation. Replacing the fabric connector with a rubber flex connector is an easy installation process.

A wide-range of applications:
o Milling Applications
o Packaging Lines
o Aggregate Production
o Seal

Benefits of Rubber Flex Connectors
o More durable than fabric
o A smooth interior surface
o Outlasts fabric
o Easy Installation
o Cost effective
o Materials are FDA approved
o Wall thickness from 1/32" to 2" thick
o Any size, any shape

Reichel Korfmann was founded in 1898 as a Brewery Supply House, they furnished Corks, Bungs and other rubber products to the brewing industry. Today, Reichel-Korfmann's focus is on sheet rubber & conveyor belt fabrications. They continue to provide straight forward, cost-effective solutions for OEMs and other distributors locally and throughout the U.S., always striving to live up to their name as gthe problem solversh in the rubber industry.

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