Rubber Boot protects sprinklers in freezer installations.

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Designed for installation with vertical or pendent, dry sprinklers, Model DSB-1 combats potentially damaging temperature changes that can adversely affect sprinklers installed in freezers. EPDM, 50-durometer boot creates airtight seal that eliminates build-up of potentially dangerous condensation by maintaining consistent temperatures outside and within freezer area. Product also allows pipes to move without violating integrity of seal.

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Tyco Fire & Building Products Creates a Safer Means of Freezer Fire Protection

Lansdale, Penn.-September 2, 2004-Tyco Fire & Building Products, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, recently announced the introduction of its DSB-1 dry sprinkler boot to the dry pipe fire sprinkler market. The DSB-1 will combat the potentially damaging temperature changes that can adversely affect dry sprinklers installed in freezers. Tyco Fire & Building Products' DSB-1 dry sprinkler boot is an EPDM, 50 durometer-type rubber boot designed for installation with all vertical, or pendent, dry sprinklers. Once installed, the boot creates an airtight seal, eliminating the build up of potentially dangerous condensation by maintaining consistent temperatures both outside and within the freezer area. Dry sprinklers used in freezers are subject to extreme ranges in temperature, from over 40 F in the building that houses the freezer, to temperatures as low as -20 F in the freezer itself. This temperature change, or air interchange, can cause condensation to build-up on the shaft of the sprinkler. Significant ice accumulation can lead to ice build up that can damage the dry sprinkler and the freezer itself. Unlike the traditional foam-seal method of dry pendent installation that relies on insulation or caulking that often breaks, allowing moisture penetration, the DSB-1 provides flexibility and pliability to the sprinkler piping system. This allows the pipes to move without violating the integrity of the seal. The DSB-1 also provides a fast and easy installation as it is installed with the dry sprinkler itself. "In an effort to ease the installation, we are selling the DSB-1 in individual kits that will furnish the installer with the required fastening material for each boot to be installed," says Jim Brunetti, Tyco's Fire Protection product manager. "The product will afford a quick and easy alternative to the old time consuming methods. The seal also provides a very clean manner of sealing the openings for the dry pendent sprinklers." The DSB-1 dry sprinkler boot is a specifiable product that is applicable for any dry pendent sprinkler in a freezer or cooler application. Dry sprinklers and dry pipe sprinkler systems are designed for installation in areas where freezing temperatures may occur such as commercial freezers, loading docks, and parking garages. Unlike the traditional, wet fire sprinkler system; a dry system uses compressed air to fill the pipes supplying the sprinkler heads. Upon activation of one or more sprinklers, the air is released, allowing water controlled by a valve in a heated area to then fill the system and suppress the fire. For more information on the DSB-1 dry sprinkler boot, and all of Tyco Fire & Building Products' dry sprinkler system products, visit; or call, (800) 523-6512. Tyco Fire & Building Products will formally introduce the DSB-1 dry sprinkler boot at the upcoming AFSA Convention and Exposition in Palm Springs, Calif., September 11-15, 2004. About Tyco Fire & Building Products Tyco Fire & Building Products, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, is a global manufacturer of water-based fire suppression system components and ancillary building construction products. It continually expands its capabilities through aggressive research and product development to provide its customers effective fire protection and construction solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Its products are sold worldwide under the following brand names: Acrobe, Ancon®, Central®, Central SpraySafe, GEM®, SprinkCAD(TM), Grinnell®, Lindapter®, Star®, Unistrut®, and Wopf. About Tyco Engineered Products and Services Tyco Engineered Products & Services consists of four global businesses: Electrical & Metal Products; Fire & Building Products; Flow Control; and Infrastructure Services. Tyco Engineered Products & Services has industry leadership positions in the Fire Protection, Construction, Process Industrial, Water/Wastewater and Electrical markets, providing complete application solutions by utilizing the synergies among its products and services, along with the well-established brands around the world.

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