RTV Silicones are suited for electrical applications.

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Solarite SI-200 Series Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV), 2-component, electrical potting and casting silicones are available in hardness ranges from 80A (semi-rigid) to 00 (gels). Gels are re-enterable and cure to elastic Shore 00 form with no surface residue. Products are UL-94V-0 approved, cure with high gloss, and produce void-free castings in potted electrical devices. Characteristics include non-corrosive cure, flame retardancy, and vibration resistance.

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Solarite High-Voltage Electrical Potting and Encapsulating Silicones Combine Custom Performance with Economy

The Solarite SI-200 Series of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) 2-component, high-voltage electrical potting and casting silicones are available from the Solar Compounds Corporation, Linden, NJ. They offer a broad range of features and are more economical than other silicone products on the market. While silicones are recognized as being more expensive than epoxies, Solar offers users pricing advantages for their line of custom SI-200 RTV Silicone Systems.

Two-component SI-200 Silicones (1:1 by volume or weight mix ratio) are easy-to-use and available in hardness ranges from 80A (semi-rigid) to 00 (gels). Solarite SI-200 gels are re-enterable and cure to an elastic Shore 00 form with no surface residue.

SI-200 Silicones are UL-94V-0 approved and formulated for a wide range of electrical applications including; high-voltage power supplies, HID ballasts, relays, connectors and cable sealing and splicing. They cure with a high gloss and produce void-free castings in potted electrical devices. Solarite SI-200 Systems are well suited for dispensing equipment. Thermally conductive versions are also available for use with electrical devices that operate at extremely high temperatures and require heat dissipation.

SI-200 Silicones offer superb dielectric properties, a non-corrosive cure, flame retardancy, custom cure times, high temperature resistance, a wide range of operating temperatures, excellent thermal cycling and vibration resistance. They are good for both high and low temperature applications. A clear version is available allowing component visibility during pouring and to facilitate easy repair and replacement.

Solar Compounds will custom formulate smaller quantities of silicones for specific applications and can vary properties such as thermal conductivity, viscosity and cure time. By comparison, larger silicone producers often limit their specialty orders to drum quantities. In addition to the Solarite SI-200 product line, Solar also produces other soft-cure products based on hybrid epoxy technology and rubber modified epoxies...ideal solutions where lower cost and performance are critical.

With laboratories and formulation facilities in Linden, NJ, Solar Compounds has over 80 years of experience in the research, development and manufacture of insulating and coating materials for high-voltage applications in the power, wire and cable industry. This experience has been an important factor in the development of their line of advanced technology RTV silicone compounds.

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