RTP Company Introduces Bio-Compatible Masterbatch and Precolored Resin Products

WINONA, MN, USA - June 8, 2007 - RTP Company has developed standard lines of UniColor(TM) universal masterbatch and precolored resin products for use in medical devices, medical packaging, pharmaceutical applications, and disposable medical products. The standard colors, as well as custom color solutions, all meet with ISO 10993-1 tests for bio-compatibility standards and were carefully developed for cost-effectiveness and availability from RTP Company's global manufacturing facilities.

"OEMs and processors developing products for the healthcare industry will now have the confidence that the colored compounds they choose will meet with ISO 10993-1 tests for bio-compatibility," said Josh Blackmore, Global Healthcare Marketing Manager. "Our pre-tested color products reduce the risk of failure and the time and money required for re-submitting products for testing."

RTP Company's 18 standard colors meet with ISO 10993-1 tests for bio-compatibility standards, which include tests for Cytotoxicity (part 5); Irritation and Delayed Type Hypersensitivity (Part 10); and Systemic Toxicity (Part 11).

"Adding our standard bio-compatible colors to your own USP Class VI resins makes changing colors to refresh a product line much easier," said Jean Sirois, Global Color General Manager at RTP Company. "Just select any base resin, pick from our standard colors or custom color, and then we compound them together for an accurate precolored resin or masterbatch."

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