RTO Optimization

A leading manufacturer of metallic coated, pre-painted steel, tinplate, blackplate and roll-formed building and industrial steel products wanted to maximize the solvent levels in their process to reduce their operating costs. They knew if they increased the solvent exhaust to their RTO to 25% LFL, they would reduce the amount of heated ventilation air moving through their system. This would optimize their RTO efficiency and lower their energy costs.

The Company chose to automate their damper controls to maximize their energy savings. Since they already had PrevEx Flammability LFL analyzers in place for safety, “best safety practices” allowed for additional solvent vapor analyzers to be installed onto the process to specifically control damper positions. By adding the additional analyzers they were able to minimize the amount of ventilation air needed to maintain a safe LFL level in the ovens and RTO, thus saving money on heated air costs.

The implementation of this automated system gave them an additional fuel savings by fine-tuning their controls in real time mode and increased their average solvent load from 12% to an average of 23% LFL with a $300,000 savings in their first year, running at only 50% capacity.


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