RTLS-EZ Location Tracking System uses machine learning algorithms.

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Designed for tracking equipment, assets, or workforce, Zone-based Real Time Location System (RTLS-EZ) offers one meter accuracy for an implementation time measured in hours and days. Using BluFi, Bluetooth to WiFi miniature AC plug, RTLs does not require any calibration which reduces installation time.

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Bluvision Announces Fastest Implementation Real-Time Location System - RTLS-EZ at RFID Journal LIVE

The only location solution that can be deployed in a matter of hours

Bluvision, a part of HID Global, announces the fastest implementation Real-Time Location System [RTLS] in the industry, Bluvision RTLS – EZ. With an implementation time measured in hours and days, irrespective of environment, RTLS-EZ provides one-meter accuracy using minimal infrastructure. The solution will be demonstrated at RFID Journal LIVE 2017, the world's largest event focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies taking place May 9 - May 11 at Phoenix, Arizona, at Booth #346 and #318.

Bluvision's Location-Based Solutions (LBS) including their Zone-based RTLS and RTLS-EZ are all software-based solutions that do not require servers, antennas, cables, or wired infrastructure and provide the lowest cost of ownership and industry-leading accuracy. These solutions are based on Bluvision's end-to-end Industrial IoT ecosystem consisting of low-cost beacons, Bluvision's BluFi, a Bluetooth to WiFi miniature AC plug-in gateway, and their Bluzone cloud solution. While Bluvision's initial RTLS solutions revolutionized the RTLS installation process, with large and complex implementations requiring a few days for an area the size of a hangar to account for calibration, RTLS-EZ improves on the implementation process by removing the need for calibration, thus reducing the time for installation in a large hangar to half a day.

"The RTLS solutions available today generally take months to install. RTLS-EZ is the outcome of two years of research and we are very proud of this breakthrough achievement," said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO of Bluvision. "We use advance machine learning and other patent-pending algorithms that enable easy and fast installs in any location including harsh environment with a lot of metal and low ceilings, while sustaining a one meter accuracy on average all over the location. RTLS-EZ lowers the cost of RTLS services so the ROI allows verticals to track equipment, assets, or workforce that were previously too expensive to track."

To request a demo or to speak to our RTLS expert, email info@bluvision.com. Visit us at RFID Journal LIVE, Booth #346 and Booth #318.

About Bluvision

Bluvision is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in sensor beacons; software driven, highly-accurate RTLS; and the pioneers of achieving cloud connectivity without the need for smartphone applications. Bluvision's advanced architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location, health and performance of assets (including inventory, equipment and workforce.) For more information, visit www.bluvision.com.

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