RTC Management Software monitors assets in real-time.

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Asset Management System for RTCs manages life cycle of Reusable Transport Containers (RTCs) by monitoring location, status, and collection of individual assets. Integrating software with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and collection systems automatically captures data from active smart tags. Software tools include planning, administration, maintenance, in-transit tracking, managing inventory and processes, and customer management.

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Savi Technology Designs New Real-Time Solution To Manage And Secure Reusable Transport Containers

Customized Software Brings Advanced Technology to the Management Of Bulk Containers, Auto Racks, Roll Cages, Pallets and Other Conveyances

DETROIT - April 9, 2002 - Savi Technology, the provider of real-time solutions to manage and secure supply chain assets, announces the most feature-rich software yet designed to manage the entire life cycle of Reusable Transport Containers (RTCs) - the true workhorses of the global supply chain.

Announced in a press briefing at the North America 2002 Materials Handling and Logistics Conference, the Savi Asset Management System for RTCs (AMS for RTC) provides a unique level of real-time visibility, management and security, especially when leveraged with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other data collection systems, for conveyances that move a significant portion of the world's products. RTCs encompass a wide range of reusable conveyances, such as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), auto racks, drums, roll cages, pallets, dollies, totes, industrial gas cylinders and even beverage canisters and kegs.

"The professionals who manage RTCs face a number of unique challenges to keep track of huge volumes of assets that are constantly moved around to ship products throughout the global supply chain," said Stephen Lambright, Savi' s vice president of Marketing. "With RTCs, supply and demand are often way out of balance. RTCs often are misplaced, lost or damaged. With this software, coupled with our automated tracking and identification technologies, RTC managers know the location, status and condition of their assets in real time around the clock. Now they are able to eliminate the many inefficiencies, errors and complicated manual processes associated with RTC operations today."

When leveraged with Savi's Universal Data Appliance Protocol (UDAP), which provides a common language protocol between automated data collection systems and web-based software, Savi's AMS for RTC enables users to see and anticipate problems, such as unauthorized entry or movement of a container, and take immediate corrective action.

Figures compiled by Savi from a number of different sources indicate that the combined value of the RTC market is upwards of $40 billion when accounting for many hundreds of millions of conveyances circulated every day worldwide.

Savi's software is designed to address the unique needs of asset-intensive operations managed by RTC owners, lessors, poolers or third-party logistics service providers. AMS for RTC improves the continuous monitoring of the location, status and collection of individual assets throughout their operational life span -- from acquisition, planning and aggregation through to consignment, maintenance and disposal. This results in improved asset utilization, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and security of RTCs and the products they carry.

AMS for RTC is designed to complement other incumbent systems currently in place that optimize the financial performance of RTCs along with their storage, maintenance and transportation. AMS for RTC also integrates with leading ERP systems, such as SAP (NYSE: SAP), as well as transportation management systems for companies such as Manugistics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANU), and warehouse management systems, such as EXE Technologies (NASDAQ: EXEE).

Savi's new software enhances and extends the company's product line for supply chain assets. More customized applications will be rolled out for rail cars, truck trailers, air cargo and inter-modal containers, as well as for high-value, highly mobile equipment used in industries such as construction, healthcare, energy, and mining.

AMS for RTC offers a comprehensive set of software tools and analytics for planning, administration, maintenance, in-transit tracking, managing inventory and processes, and customer management. The software easily plugs into the Savi SmartChain(TM) platform, which sends alerts for rules-based event management, and integrates with the SmartChain Logistics Portal to share information and collaborate with trading partners in a role-based environment.

When RTCs are secured with Savi's patent-pending electronic seals, called Savi SmartSeals(TM), managers are alerted at strategic checkpoints in the supply chain whenever the seal is broken or tampered with by unauthorized personnel, or when the shipment is misrouted. Last week, Savi announced a new fiber-optic cable version of SmartSeal designed to ensure the security of RTCs.

As a result of these real-time solutions, RTC managers can gain complete system wide visibility into their physical supply chains from their desktop, where software tools enable them to locate, aggregate and reallocate RTCs for their next destination, thereby reducing safety stock, lost assets and shipment delays. Users can better determine where delays and damages are occurring while also grow revenues by offering value-added services and information to their customers.

Real-time visibility, security and management are enhanced by Savi's unique ability to link its software with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and collection systems, which automatically capture data from active smart tags affixed to the assets. Interoperability is achieved through Savi's Universal Data Appliance Protocol, and customizable automated data collection and identification systems can be configured at unprecedented low prices through Savi's EchoPoint(TM) technology platform.

About SAVI Technology
Savi Technology provides real-time logistics solutions through asset management, security and collaboration software that is uniquely integrated with automatic data collection and identification systems. The Savi SmartChain software platform and Savi software applications enable logistics service providers and supply chain asset owners to secure, monitor, manage and maintain their assets throughout global supply networks. Savi is a member of the Auto-ID Center and recipient of numerous awards for its technology. Customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, for which Savi built and operates the world's largest real-time visibility network, the U.S. Postal Service, Singapore Airlines, CHEP International, as well as major automotive, electronics, grocery and retail companies, and third-party logistics providers. Founded in 1989, Savi Technology is privately held, with headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.; and offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. For additional information, visit www.savi.com.

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