RT and Crawler Cranes meet emission and transportation regulation standards.

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RT Cranes are available in SRC865C, SRC885C, SRC8130 models whereas crawler crane in SCC8260 model. Having maximum lifting capacity of 65USt and 85USt at 10ft, SRC865C and SRC885C model are equipped with 275hp Cummins QSB6.7 engine. With 130USt of maximum lifting capacity, SRC8130 comes with 5-section telescopic boom. SCC8260 crawler crane is designed with 203ft and 207ft of boom and jib length respectively and provides 1,470t.m lifting moment.

Original Press Release:

SANY Introduces New RT and Crawler Cranes for North American Market

At this year's CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, the world-leading hoisting solution provider SANY Group unveiled three new rough terrain crane models SRC865C, SRC885C, SRC8130 and one crawler crane model SCC8260, increasing its crane fleet for the North American market. The four crane models on show are tailored to meet the emission and transportation regulation requirements of the high-end markets.

SRC865C rough terrain crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 65USt @ 10ft with full-extend boom length of 143ft, and maximum lifting moment of 2,030kN.m. SRC885C rough terrain crane is equipped with a 5-section boom fully extended to 154ft and a 52ft jib, delivering maximum lifting capacity of 85USt @ 10ft. Powered by Cummins QSB6.7 engine with rated power of 275hp, the 65-ton SRC865C and 85-ton SRC885C both comply with Tier 4f emission standard.

SRC8130 rough terrain crane with maximum lifting capacity of 130USt is the biggest in the fleet of SANY RT cranes so far. Mark Thurston, business manager of SANY America in West Region, noted in an interview that the new 130USt RT crane will fill the margin in the growing large rough terrain crane segment.

The 130-ton RT crane is equipped with a 5-section telescopic boom when fully extended can reach 161ft, and a 2-section folding jib of 59ft. Moreover, it is easy to transport and set up by using self-assembly/disassembly technology. Despite of the 77 ton gross weight, the machine's transport weight can be reduced to just 52.5t with the removing of auxiliary hoist, counterweight, front and rear outrigger boxes.

The three rough terrain models also adopt leading technologies of innovative electronic control system, load moment indicator system to ensure a smooth, safe and reliable operation.

SANY's new SCC8260 crawler crane with maximum lifting capacity of 260t will satisfy a niche between 200-ton and 300-ton crawlers. With the longest boom and jib length of 203ft plus 207ft, SCC8260 crawler crane has a maximum lifting moment of 1,470t.m.

In addition, the 260-ton crawler crane is self-assembled/disassembled, which will help improve the working efficiency. Meanwhile, the crane machine can be transported within 9.8ft wide, 10.5ft high, and weighs only 45 tons.

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