Rsignia Offers Affordable Deep Packet Inspection Network Monitoring and Forensics Appliance

COLUMBIA, Md., -- Rsignia, Inc., a leading provider and technology innovator of next generation cyber security solutions, announced today the availability of an affordable deep packet inspection network monitoring and forensics appliance, the Joint Forces Sensor® Lite (JFS). The fully configured small form factor appliance starts at $11,900, making it one of the most affordable in its class. The JFS Lite inspects all network traffic for real-time or post analysis. The system is also offered with various optional configurations as needed.

"With the advancement of parallel computing, increasing number of processor cores that have little or no increase in clock speed per core, and other technological advances, has made DPI both practical and affordable," said T.C. Williams, Vice President of Engineering at Rsignia. Rsignia believes DPI provides the necessary security measures to manage both internal and external threats, as well as the ability to monitor and manage traffic loads.

Government agencies all have suffered with constrained budgets. Rsignia has a long standing commitment to securing our nation's cyber domain and is committed to providing cutting-edge security tools. Therefore, Rsignia is proud to offer the first affordable deep packet inspection and monitoring appliance to both government and commercial entities.

About Rsignia, Inc.

Rsignia is a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services including detection, mitigation, countermeasures, and forensics. In support of National Cyber Security Initiatives, Rsignia is developing some of the most innovative next generation cyber NETA capabilities available to the market place today. Embracing the new cyber warfare paradigm, Rsignia's long-standing relationships with United States government agencies, and growing commercial base has positioned the company at the forefront of the rapidly growing cyber market.

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