Royal Master Introduces Lights Out Centerless Grinding

OAKLAND, NJ, JUNE 13, 2006: Royal Master is proud to introduce Lights Out Centerless Grinding at IMTS 2006. The Royal Master Booth 6628 will have two machine models grinding product with capabilities of grinding up to 72 hours unattended. Using the internet, and PC Controls, your company can remotely access the machine from anywhere in the world, on any windows device such as a PDA or Laptop Computer. When accessing the machines they can change part numbers, check efficiencies, or visually check the cell's production via webcam.

This technology is revolutionary to the Centerless Grinding industry as in the past, Centerless Grinding has never adopted this technology due to limitations of for parts loading, wheel dressing, gauging and part compensations.

With super-abrasive wheel technology, robotic loading, part gauging and sorting, the two Centerless grinding cells we are running at IMTS are lean and efficient.

Citing a Case study of a European customer who ran their machine for 22 days 24 hours / day, they produced one part every 38 seconds. Their biggest challenge was keeping up the production of the raw material to supply their multiple Generation X Machines.

Royal Master is a world wide leader in Centerless grinding technology. We specialize in innovative products to aid our customers in project driven systems that are efficient, and competitively priced.

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