Router supports VoIP, Internet access, and IP television.

Press Release Summary:

As one voice integrated access device, CopperJet 1626-4P supports triple-play services with VoIP, Voice over DSL, ADSL2+, as well as ADSL annex A and annex B/U-R2. Its four 10/100 Ethernet connections make it possible to connect unit to IP set-top box to create virtual LAN environment. Along with 4 POTS/PSTN connections on RJ11 connectors, ADSL2+ router features active inbound call switching, layer 2 bridging, layer 3 routing, and firewall.

Original Press Release:

Allied Data Technologies Introduces IAD for VoIP Telephony, Internet Access and IP Television

"our CopperJet is ready for Triple-Play"

Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, July 4th 2005 - Allied Data Technologies, specialist of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for the Local Loop (PSTN, ISDN, xDSL), today introduces a Voice Integrated Access Device (IAD) that supports Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over DSL (VoDSL) and ADSL2+ in one device. With the new CopperJet 1626-4P, the dutch CPE specialist anticipates on triple-play activities (VoIP telephony, Internet access and IP television services through one connection) announced by Service Providers.

The CopperJet 1626-4p is the latest addition to the Voice over IP product range of Allied Data Technologies. Besides VoIP (SIPv2 and MGCP), the CopperJet 1626-4P also supports VoDSL (also known as Voice over ATM), ADSL annex A and ADSL annex B/U-R2. This makes the Voice IAD extremely suitable for VoIP and VoDSL telephony services that can lead to considerable cost-reduction for the end-user.

The CopperJet 1626-4P is also prepared for ADSL2+. The ADSL2+ technology realises a downstream connection of up to 24 Mbps that makes it ideal for multimedia services such as IPTV services and video-on-demand, and high-speed internet. Furthermore, ADSL2+ extends the ADSL spectrum with 30% and increases the deployment of ADSL in rural areas.

The CopperJet 1626-4P has four 10/100 Ethernet connections. With these connections, it is possible to connect this Voice IAD to an IP set-top box suited for Triple Play services or to create a virtual LAN environment. The CopperJet 1626-4P is also equipped with 4 POTS/PSTN connections on RJ11 connectors and can be used for telephony (analog phones), fax or PaBX services using its integrated residential exchange functions.

With this combination of VoDSL, VoIP and ADSL2+ in one product, Allied Data Technologies has designed a multimedia platform that is well fitted for triple-play services of Service Providers.

About the CopperJet 1626-4P:

The CopperJet 1626-4P is an ADSL2+ router that supports both Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over ATM (VoATM). It has proven interoperability with several Voice Gateways including TDSoft, Siemens, Zhone, Alcatel, Broadsoft and IPtel. The CopperJet 1626-4P has 4 x 10/100 Ethernet connections and supports 4 x POTS/PSTN connections on RJ11 connectors that can be used for telephony (analog phones), fax or PaBX services using its integrated residential exchange functions. Active Inbound Call Switching enables the user to have both his traditional POTS Voice line and the VoDSL line connected to a single POTS telephone (only for VoATM). It also provides layer 2 Bridging, layer 3 Routing and integrates a full-featured firewall for security. Adding IPsec VPN functionality enables the CopperJet 1626-4P to perform as a full-featured VPN router. More information can be found on

About Allied Data Technologies:

Allied Data Technologies is a Dutch manufacturer of modems and other communication applications, such as ISDN equipment, PC Cards, Remote Access Servers and xDSL applications such as ADSL, SHDSL and VoDSL products. Their own R&D department can count on a many years of experience and has an excellent reputation in the market when it comes to innovative and customer-specific applications. With a vast network of offices in Europe, Thailand, the US and its own production facilities in Rayong - Thailand, Allied Data Technologies is one of the key players on the worldwide datacom market is. Further information can be found on their Internet site

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