Roundness/Cylindricity System measures large-diameter parts.

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Talyrond XL employs vertical column that sits on precision-bearing rails and can be adjusted and fixed in radial direction to suit diameter of part under test. This roundness and cylindricity measurement system accommodates large-diameter (up to 1,000 mm) and large-radial-swing components. Hi-res inductive gauge is attached to radial arm with 300 mm of travel, and frictionless air-bearing spindle is mounted onto 3-footed steel base to ensure thermal and structural stability.

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Taylor Hobson Offers Roundness/Cylindricity Systems for Large Diameter and Radial-Swing Components

LEICESTER, ENGLAND- Taylor Hobson, an acknowledged leader in roundness measurement systems for applications ranging from small fuel injector components to large truck and marine engines since 1954, now offers the Talyrond XL, a high-precision roundness and cylindricity measurement system for large diameter and large radial-swing components.

Conventional roundness instruments have limited diameter measurement capabilities that typically range from 350 to 550mm. The Talyrond XL, however, can measure components with diameters up to 1000mm. Key to its performance is a vertical column that sits on precision-bearing rails and can be adjusted and fixed in the radial direction to suit the diameter of the component under test.

The system's high-resolution inductive gauge is attached to a radial arm with 300mm of travel that allows the operator to cover a large range of diameters with full automation. At the heart of the Talyrond XL is a frictionless air-bearing spindle mounted onto a three-footed steel base with a high load capacity and designed using finite element analysis techniques to ensure the thermal and structural stability needed for precision roundness and cylindricity measurement.

The Talyrond XL is offered with a choice of fully automated or manual gauge attitude/orientation mechanisms using a patented design universally recognized as the most versatile on the market. The manual system can be used with special extension arms, allowing access to deep recesses such as reaching past thrust faces to measure main bearings or pins on crankshafts. Alternatively, special vertical drop arms made from highly stable carbon fiber enable measurement of deep bores such as those found on cylinder liners or turbine assemblies. The automated version has numerous degrees of freedom allowing roundness and cylindricity measurement from internal to external bores or flatness of upper and lower surfaces with complete CNC operation.

The highly versatile Talyrond XL has applications in a wide range of industries from precision bearings manufacture to aerospace and power train component fabrication. Taylor Hobson has long been associated with bearings manufacture, particularly with respect to the measurement of roundness. As bearings manufacturing evolved and achieved the precision required for today's demanding applications so to have the spindles that are required to inspect them.

The frictionless air-bearing spindle at the heart of the Talyrond XL has a high accuracy radial and axial run-out that does not exhibit the harmonic content normally associated with mechanical bearings. This assures the inspector that roundness errors are due to the component rather than the instrument.

As part diameters increase, roundness data point spacing also increases. To overcome this and maintain analysis to international standards, the Talyrond XL comes with a massive 72000 radial data points as standard. This option ensures that manufacturers see defects on the bearings surface that otherwise would be invisible to a conventional roundness instrument.

Bearings manufacturers, of course, are interested not only in machining control but bearing function as well. One critical element of bearing performance is noise reduction. Although noise is typically monitored on assembled bearings using dedicated instruments, Taylor Hobson has worked with a number of bearings manufacturers to develop analysis software that allows noise monitoring at the component level.

The Talyrond XL uses harmonic and velocity analysis software to assess bearing function. These two packages, among others, allow the user to breakdown the roundness or flatness measurement into their harmonic content, enabling assessment of bearing function. In the case of the velocity analysis, a prediction of function against rotational speed also is available.

The aerospace industry is particularly interested in noise and function at high speeds, especially where the stacked components of a jet turbine can combine to produce an out of balance situation. The Talyrond XL has the diameter capacity for the stacking of small jet engines as well as the capacity to measure component parts. Roundness and flatness results can be measured to a high degree of accuracy with parameters such as radial and axial run-out that better help to understand alignment and balance issues.

The Talyrond XL can be used to measure non-symmetrical components as well. This is particularly useful where the swing radius of the part exceeds the range of conventional roundness instruments. Non-symmetrical components found in the power train industry, for example, include such items as connecting rods, small engine cylinder heads and blocks as well as more conventional components such as crankshafts, pistons and valves. What makes the Talyrond XL such a truly uniquely versatile instrument is its ability to measure such a wide variety of non-symmetrical components.

Taylor Hobson is a leader in ultra-precision measurement instruments that operate at the highest levels of accuracy within the field of surface and form metrology. It offers contact and non-contact measurement solutions for the most demanding applications in markets ranging from optics and power train manufacture to nanotechnology research and provides client support worldwide. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $2.5 billion. For more information contact:

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