Round Head Ratchets feature 5 degree swing arc.

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Rated for torque force that exceeds ASME specifications, Round Head Ratchets come with free-spinning bearing ring and ergonomically designed thumbwheel for reversing direction. Tools are available in ¼, 3/8, and ½ in. drive sizes with standard round heads or flex-round heads that let users access fasteners from various angles. Handle lengths range from 4½ to 16 in. All ratchets have full polished double nickel chrome plating for corrosion protection.

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Stanley Proto Redesigns Its Round Head Ratchets

Our best round head design yet is designed for use in confined areas.

Conyers, GA January 23, 2008- Proto is replacing its line of Round Head Ratchets with a new, more user-friendly design with a high torque capacity. The new design has a compact circular head that's smaller than the head on a pear head ratchet. This small size, when combined with a mere 5-degree swing arc, makes it ideal for delicate jobs in confined areas. The new ratchet also features a free-spinning bearing ring, and an ergonomically designed thumbwheel for reversing direction.

Despite its small size, the new ratchet has been engineered with exceptional strength and durability. One reason is that when it is put under load, the torque is spread across 17 teeth inside the head, each of which bears just 6% of the total load. In addition, these gear teeth have been heat treated to help increase their hardness. The ratchet is rated for a torquing force that exceeds ASME specifications.

For ease of use, the ratchet's palm control system includes a bearing ring in the center of the head that rotates independently of the ratchet head. The ring lets the user put bearing pressure on the head during tightening without reversing or interfering with the ratchet's movement. Ratchet direction is easily reversed by rotating an ergonomically designed thumbwheel that surrounds the outside edge of the head.

The launch includes seven individual ratchets in ¼", 3/8" and ½" drive sizes. Four of the new ratchets have standard round heads, while three offer flex-round heads that let the user access fasteners from various angles. Handle lengths range from 4 ½" to 16".

All ratchets have full polished double nickel chrome plating for corrosion protection, comfort, and easy clean up. The full polished shaft has a knurled grip that allows for a strong grip and slip resistance. The new ratchets are field-repairable. The launch also includes three new repair kits.

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