Round Braided Belts

Belting Industries round braided endless belts are manufactured in one continuous loop to form a lightweight, flexible belt for vibration-free operation. Round braided material offers improvement in:

o High-speed performance - For dental laboratory and other types of equipment requiring speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Heavier jobs, such as machine tools, use treated or untreated cotton or nylon belts.

o Moisture and humidity resistance - In the packaging industry, neoprene rubber treated spun polyester or continuous filament polyester construction resists humidity.

o Multi-plane and angle operations - Designs calling for misaligned pulleys or a multi-plane drive, round braided belts with urethane cover treatments offer the abrasion resistance required for improved belt life.

o Flexibility - Round belts constructed of cotton and diverse man-made materials offer great flexibility, durability and overall strength.

o High temperature resistance - Round belts constructed with Nomex® aramid fiber can operate successfully in high temperature environments up to 450 degrees F without degradation.

For a variety of uses and adaptability for specific industry needs in medical, check-sorter, textile, polisher, grinder and many other industries, Belting Industries Round Braided Belts are outstanding performers.

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