Rough Turning Insert handles stainless steel applications.

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Suited for steel turning, TP3000 grade insert incorporates smooth, hard coating composed of alpha alumina material with extremely fine grain structure. Smoothness helps avoid built-up edge common in machining stainless materials. Product is suited for difficult machining applications such as heavy roughing, interrupted cuts, heavy feed rates, and workpiece materials with uneven machinability between different material batches.

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Seco-Carboloy's New TP3000 Rough-Turning Grade Also Achieving Dramatic Results in Stainless Steel Applications

Chicago, Ill., Sept. 8, 2004 - Seco-Carboloy recently introduced TP3000, the latest grade in the company's new generation of coated inserts for steel turning, to target difficult machining applications that require toughness and exceptional reliability such as heavy roughing, interrupted cuts, heavy feed rates and workpiece materials with uneven machinability between different material batches. But results from the field have shown TP3000 is capable of producing significant quality and tool life improvements in the machining of stainless steel parts as well.

Because of its machinability characteristics, stainless steel materials present some unique challenges, according to Don Graham, manager of turning products for Seco-Carboloy. "When people machine stainless steel parts they usually want to achieve relatively smooth surface finishes that have to do with the end use of the products," says Graham. "Because the material is so gummy you tend to get particles of the stainless material adhering to the insert that creates build up along the cutting edge. Those particles that adhere or weld to the insert scratch the surface of the stainless steel part. If you can eliminate that built-up edge, you can dramatically improve surface finish."

Seco-Carboloy's new TP3000 grade incorporates a smooth, hard coating composed of an alpha alumina material with an extremely fine grain structure. The coating's exceptional smoothness helps avoid built-up edge that is so common in machining stainless materials, while the hardness provides long tool life.

A typical example of grade TP3000's success in stainless machining applications involved rough turning an austenitic stainless steel flange with an interruption where surface finish was critical. Using TP3000 with an MF3 chipbreaker running at 600 sfpm with a feed rate that varied from 0.012 - 0.014 ipr at a depth of cut of 0.10 inch, tool life increased to 140 parts from 20 parts with a competitive insert. "When we developed grade TP3000, we were confident in its abilities for the rough-em-up, bang-em-up type of jobs," said Seco-Carboloy's Don Graham. "But, we've also been really pleased by its success in finishing type applications. The specially designed properties of TP3000 in combination with suitable chipbreaker geometry will provide excellent reliability and tool life beyond the capabilities of previous and present products."

For more information on grade TP3000, contact Seco-Carboloy, 11177 East Eight Mile Road, Warren, Mich. 48089. Tel: 800-832-8326 or visit

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