Rotomolding Company to Exhibit at 2013 ICCFA Conference

Rotational molding company, Granger Plastics, is set to exhibit at the ICCFA conference in Tampa, FL April 10-13, 2013. Granger originally debuted ForeverSafe Products, a line of cemetery vases and cremation urns, in September 2012 at the Catholic Cemetery Conference in Washington, DC to a very receptive response by many in the industry. This will be the product lines first showing at the ICCFA show, promoted as one of the largest in the market.

Granger focuses on creating metallic and granite like finishes that offer the same cosmetic attributes as their metal counterparts, yet minimize the potential of being stolen and sold for scrap metal. A continuously growing number of cemeteries and funeral homes throughout the country have begun realizing a decrease in their cemetery theft issues, by making use of the theft deterrent cemetery products from ForeverSafe.

Cemetery thefts continue to be widespread around the Country, as bronze vases are typically taken in big volumes, often 100 or even more at a time, just to be sold to scrap yards for pennies on the dollar. Government regulation about this expanding crime has been sparse and mainly inefficient. Clients who have been a victim of theft of a vase are generally left with the cost of replacement. Being fearful that a repeat of the theft would happen, a growing lot of consumers are purchasing products that are manufactured from alternative materials. ForeverSafe replacement cemetery flower vases are custom fit to the manufacturer of the marker or canister, so the fit is uncompromised. The vases also turn down into the canister when not in use.

ForeverSafe Products will be exposed to numerous decision makers in the sector, offering a choice of a high quality but much more economical replacement vase for the cemeteries to provide to their victimized clients. The ICCFA conference consists of members from funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories hence offering the biggest exposure feasible.

Granger Industries uses the rotational molding process to make high quality but cost effective products for lots of industries. A globally renown leader in rotational molding and in business for nearly twenty years, Granger Industries has never witnessed a higher interest in theft deterrent products consisting of ForeverSafe cemetery vases and cremation urns. For more information about ForeverSafe Products please visit

Granger Industries includes Granger Plastics, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world renowned rotomolding company producing a wide array of custom and exclusive products. To find out more about Granger Plastics Company please check out or contact at 513-424-1955. For more information about Granger Industries please see


Shawn Cravens – General Manager

The Granger Plastics Co.


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