ROTEX Global, LLC, Launches New APEX(TM) Road Show in Europe to Offer Customers Hands-on Experience

CINCINNATI, OH (July 2, 2008)-ROTEX Global, LLC, a global leader in screening technologies, announces the launch of a road show for its new APEX(TM) Screener throughout several European countries including France, Germany, and England.

With the success of the 2007 and 2008 North American APEX Road Shows, which traveled the United States to more than 230 sites from coast-to-coast, Rotex decided to expand the reach of its Road Show initiative to global markets. Over the next few years, the APEX Road Show will travel Western Europe, presenting the APEX face-to-face with its European customers. With plans to visit sites in France, Germany, England, and Luxembourg, the 2008 European Road Show will make a significant impact on the success of the APEX Screener in these markets.

The European Road Show enables customers, prospects, and the media to experience the benefits of the new models of the APEX Screener, a self-contained production screening machine that retains the gyratory motion and efficient processing characteristics of the ROTEX® Screener, yet incorporates new ergonomically-designed performance and service features. The European Road Show consists of product demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and a consultation with knowledgeable Rotex application experts.

The road show concept gives customers the opportunity to see the equipment and its benefits first hand in a "hands-on" environment. Building on the success of the North American Road Show, the European Road Show is expected to expand the scope of this product. The customer-driven European Road Show offers innovative and forward thinking by taking the APEX Screener on the road.

The on-site show provides valuable information to customers and lasts approximately two hours. Attendees can observe the product in operation and physically experience the features that allow for efficient screening performance, quick and easy maintenance and cleaning, and increased process uptime.

The APEX Screener comes standard with the same great features found on the ROTEX Screener-gyratory-reciprocating motion, positive screen cleaning, bouncing balls to reduce blinding, and inlet/outlet connections. However, the APEX is enhanced with side access doors to enable efficient screen cleaning and changes, which can be performed by one person.

Customers already using the ROTEX Screener can achieve immediate labor cost savings and an accelerated return on investment, often between one and three years, after upgrading to the APEX Screener manufactured by Rotex.

The APEX Screener is the smart solution for dry separation screening for chemicals, fertilizers, clay/non-metallic minerals, industrial sand, salt/potash/soda ash, food processing, sugar, crushed minerals, refractory, water filter/treatment, feed pellets, meat meal, bakeries and cereals, corn processing, starch, sweeteners, forest products, commodity pellets, resin, pet food, oil seed processing, grain cleaning, engineered pellets, metal powder, rubber processing, soaps, and detergents.

About ROTEX Global, LLC
ROTEX Global, LLC, is a pioneer and global leader in the development of screening equipment and technology for the process industries. Rotex offers an innovative line of separation equipment that includes; Gyratory and Vibratory Screeners and Sifters for Dry Applications, Liquid-Solid Separators for Wet Applications, Automated particle Size Analyzers, and Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors. ROTEX® Parts & Service offers a full range of genuine parts and rebuild services.

For more information on the APEX Global Road Show, or to obtain more information on all the ways ROTEX Screeners can benefit your screening operations challenges, contact ROTEX Global, LLC, 1230 Knowlton St., Cincinnati, OH 45223,, 1-800-453-2321, Fax (513) 541-4888, or email

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