Rotational Molding Specialist Granger Plastics Brings Anti-Microbial Technology to Custom Rotational Molding

Granger Plastics Company introduces anti-microbial technology to its already internationally renowned capabilities. This technology can be molded into nearly any of the diverse range of products already manufactured by Granger Plastics. It also shows Granger Plastic's commitment to innovation. The anti-microbial agents have been 3rd party tested by an internationally recognized leader in the anti-microbial and anti-fungal industry. This testing shows extremely positive results of the anti-microbial agents to greater than 99.9% effective in the reduction against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi. Bacteria and fungal control has become a rapidly growing concern in many industries as the recent spread of H1N1 reaches pandemic levels. With the recent news of a possible H5N1 pandemic to follow suit, it will only become more important to continue developments such as and that Granger Plastics has added this to its immense capabilities.

Anti-microbial and anti-fungal plastics can be utilized in many industries such as health care, child care, education, food service, entertainment, recreation or nearly anywhere where people could be exposed to infection causing bacteria and germs. The internationally recognized manufacturer of the technology has already received the necessary registrations thru many US and International governmental agencies, including EPA (both food contact and non-food contact), FDA, NSF, European Food Safety Authority and have applied for registration with the European Union's Biocidal Products Directive. The combination of food grade polyethylene with anti-microbial technology allows Granger Plastics to offer a safe, extremely durable material with unlimited potential.

Granger Plastics prides itself on revolutionary, world class design capabilities in the Rotational Molding industry. They are universally recognized as an international leader in the Rotational Molding industry, specializing in products, that provide solutions that exceed their customers expectations. This introduction of anti-microbial technology adds to their commitment to a better and safer world through plastics innovations.

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