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Rotating Display Kiosk increases information dissemination.

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Dec 27, 2012 - Suited for displaying production metrics, RotoCube® magnetic dry-erase KPI scoreboard Bulletin-Towers help production managers improve productivity. Freestanding design enables 4-sided tower to be moved to best location within work cell as to optimize visibility. Solution may be combined with dry-erase KPI Pyramid scoreboard panels and Red/Green Flip-Over magnets. There are also 29 different standard magnetic dry-erase panel styles available for communicating various information.

Original Press Release

Show Daily KPI Productivity Targets-met on RotoCube Rotating Bulletin Towers

Press release date: Dec 12, 2012

Macedon, NY – Production managers improve productivity by using the new compact RotoCube® magnetic dry-erase KPI scoreboard Bulletin-Towers.  “We are up 10% since we started using these KPI boards” says a Georgia Continuous Improvement Manager. “People need feedback. Every minute of the day is worth X units of production and when they fall short, they need to know” says a Michigan auto parts manufacturer “Where you display production metrics is very important. People won’t look at a board if they can’t see it easily. Because the RotoCube® is freestanding we can move it to the best location within a work cell so everyone knows how we are doing”

“What gets measured gets done” says Magnatag® spokesman Christian Krapf, “The concept is simple but our customers tell us employees don’t pay attention to performance metrics unless they are easy to see and understand. They say the 4 sided, freestanding RotoCube® combined with special designed dry-erase KPI Pyramid scoreboard panels and easy to understand Red / Green Flip-Over magnets work for them.”

In addition to the KPI Pyramid scoreboard, RotoCubes® are available with 29 different standard magnetic dry-erase panel styles for communicating a variety of information. They come complete with everything needed to operate them including customizable board headings. For information go to or call Magnatag at 800 624 4154.

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