Rotary UPS provides 2 second delay.

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STARSINE rotary uninterruptible power supplies combine induction motor/generator and frequency injected exciter electronic power controller. They offer up to 12 sec of batteryless ride through for power line disturbances and short-term outages. Models are offered with ratings from 315 kVA to 2.2 MVA with nominal input voltage of 480 Vac or 4160 Vac. Under normal conditions, STARSINE units operate with efficiency exceeding 96%.

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High-Efficiency, Rotary UPS Rides Through Momentary Power Glitches; Provides Two-Second Delay to Prevent Nuisance Generator Starts

ANAHEIM, CA-December 21, 2001-SatCon Power Systems, an operating division of SatCon Technology Corporation (NYSE:SATC), announces the introduction of the STARSINE(TM) advanced rotary uninterruptible power supply (Rotary UPS) that provides up to 12 seconds of batteryless ride through for power line disturbances and short-term outages. Models are offered with ratings from 315kVA to 2.2MVA with nominal input voltage of 480VAC or 4160VAC.

The STARSINE Rotary UPS adapts commercial components in a unique configuration with advanced electionic power controller. The system is comprised of an induction motor/generator (IMG) operating in conjunction with a surge limiting line reactor, electronics control package, low-speed flywheel, engine, and connecting clutch to the generator when long-term standby power is required. The system is also equipped with the necessary switchgear for connection to the utility feeder.

Under normal conditions, the STARSINE Rotary UPS operates with efficiency exceeding 96%. The heart of the system is the IMG and associated frequency injected exciter (FIE) electronic power controller. In normal operation, the FIE operates the IMG as a motor to control the speed of the flywheel to a nominal 1800 RPM. The FIE adjusts the operational characteristics of the IMG to improve the quality of the power supplied from the grid by compensating for voltage deviations and sub-cycle power anomalies. This is accomplished by injecting a synthesized current into the rotor and using the impedance of the line
reactor to isolate grid disturbances.

When utility power deviates from voltage or frequency tolerances, the rotary UPS is disconnected from the line and energy stored in the flywheel is then used to operate the IMG as a generator to provide uninterrupted power to the load. If the out-of-tolerance condition persists for longer than 2 seconds, the stored energy in the UPS's flywheel provides sufficient ride
through to sustain the connected load until the engine generator comes up to full operating speed and replaces the flywheels
the primary power source to the load.

Price: Dependent on specified power level and system configuration (consult factory).
Availability: Early 2002
Delivery: Subject to unit configuration and facility installation (consult factory).

"The STARSINE Rotary UPS offered by SatCon Power Systerms uses advanced digital power electronic controls and commercially available components to provide a low complexity solution with high energy efficiency to provide continuous power to critical loads," said Terry Weed, sales manager for power conversion and power quality products. "The rotary UPS is part of SatCon Power Systems family of STARSINE power quality products that include static UPS systems, static transfer switches, static voltage regulators, and other whole-facility and in-facility premium power solutions."

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