Rotary Tables are IP65 rated.

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Featuring DIRECT DRIVE motor technology, Rotary Tables come with ABSOLUTE encoder. Offering water-tight and dust-proof characteristics, unit’s encoder provides arc-sec positioning resolution. Eliminating backlash, friction and wear problems, products assure against ingress of water and external particles.

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Water-tight and Dust-proof Direct Drive Rotary Tables from IntelLiDrives

IntelLIDrives has released a new Series of WATER-TIGHT and DUST-PROOF ROTARY SERVO TABLES.

These rotary tables have IP rating that assures against ingress of water and external particles.

IP65 rating assures against ingress of dust and small water jets. IP66 rating assures, in addition to IP65, against ingress of powerful water jets. IP67 rating assures, in addition to IP66, against water penetration under heavy water jets and when partially submerged.

DIRECT DRIVE (DDR) motor technology provides superior angular positioning and eliminates backlash, friction and wear problems associated with worm, gear and belt drives. Low maintenance and high throughput characteristics of the DDR stages yields the lowest total cost of ownership.

Accurate Positioning performance is assured with precision ABSOLUTE encoder that provides arc-sec positioning resolution. The motor and rotary encoders are directly coupled to eliminate coupling backlash.

Absolute encoder keeps track of its position at all times, and provides it as soon as power is applied. This feature is particularly useful in applications where the equipment has power turned off between uses. No need to move to home sensor or index pulse to establish a reference position.

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