Rotary Table Twin Wheel Blast System suits low-profile work.

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Suitable for batch processing of low-profile work pieces, Model GWB-702T features one blast wheel over each half of the 4,000 lb capacity, 70 in. dia turntable. Each blast wheel is directly driven at 3,000 rpm by 10 hp motor and can throw ~220 lb of metallic media per minute in extended blast pattern up to 36 in. long. Blast pattern of individual blast wheels is adjustable, and table, ceiling, and walls are armored with abrasion-resistant cast iron alloy plates.

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Twin Wheel Blast Machine for Low-Profile Work

Saratoga Springs, NY - Guyson Corporation now offers a rotary table wheel-blast system with one blast wheel over each half of a 4,000 pound capacity, 70-inch diameter turntable.

The Model GWB-702T, with this blastwheel configuration, is claimed to be especially suitable for batch processing of work pieces that are essentially flat or have limited vertical surfaces.

Each blast wheel is directly driven at a speed of 3,000 RPM by a 10 HP motor and is capable of throwing approximately 220 pounds of metallic media per minute in an extended blast pattern up to 36 inches long. The blast pattern of the individual blast wheels is adjustable, so the twin wheels are aimed to provide rapid and through coverage of components on the entire surface of the turntable.

The table of the wheel blast machine is heavily armored with abrasion-resistant cast iron alloy plates, and protective armor of the same material is hung on the interior ceiling and walls of the blast chamber to cover all areas directly in line with the blast wheels. The entire inside of the blasting enclosure is lined with thick rubber sheeting for abrasion protection, which offers the side-benefit of reduced sound levels during operation of the blast machine.

GWB-702T wheelblast machines come standard-equipped with an enhanced shot reclamation system that includes a tunable cascade airwash separator to remove dust from the working media mix, as well as an independently adjustable cyclone separator to capture and reuse good shot or grit that would otherwise be carried over to the dust collector. The sensitive multi-stage reclaim enables the use of microscopic shot media for nondestructive cleaning or satin finishing applications.

To maintain negative pressure in the blast machine and balance the air flow through the media reclamation system, the wheel blast machine is supplied with a freestanding Guyson Model D2000 cartridge-type dust collector that has an extraction capacity of two thousand cubic feet of air per minute. The efficiency of the D2000's filter cartridges is maintained by automatic reverse pulsing.

A new option has been engineered for the manufacturer's wheel-blast machinery to assist customers who are concerned about compliance with NFPA 654 standards on combustible dusts or the potential for a fire in the blasting machine or dust collector. The available fire suppression package is designed to quickly sense and automatically extinguish a fire by flooding the entire system with carbon dioxide.

The GWB-702T now features a streamlined human-machine interface (HMI) that replaces an array of separate switches, push buttons and indicators with a sleek touch-screen panel that displays data on the status of all system functions and simplifies use of the controls. The compact HMI graphically represents touch-and-select control functions, includes prompts or text instructions related to fault indications and allows convenient direct entry of process parameters, such as blast cycle time or air wash blow-off cycle time, to the system's programmable logic controller.

Prospective users of air-blast or wheel-blast equipment are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and application engineering evaluation at the blast machine builder's factory in northeastern New York State.

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