Rotary Stages feature automated material handling.

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Utilizing direct-drive, brushless motor technology, Series ACS LP includes integrated pneumatic ER collet chuck, which supports tube diameters from 0.5-16 mm. Collet is retained with threaded retaining cap and is configured in fail-safe, normally-closed mode where full clamping force is applied when no air pressure is present. Air is delivered to collet or gripper assembly through integral rotary union using seal-less, frictionless design.

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ACS LP Series Direct-Drive, Low-Profile Rotary Stages Feature Automated Material Handling

Integral pneumatic ER collet chuck
Clear aperture for product feed-through
Low inertia shaft for maximum acceleration
Integral rotary union
Ultra-low profile minimizes working height

The ACS LP series ultra-low profile rotary stage with integrated ER collet chuck provides automated material handling capability for a wide range of materials and applications. ER collets provide excellent run-out characteristics for applications requiring high-precision gripping of tubular material, and are readily available in sizes that support tube diameters from 0.5 mm to 16 mm. The collet is retained with a threaded retaining cap that enables quick changeover, and is configured in a "fail-safe" normally-closed mode where full clamping force is applied when no air pressure is present.

Air is delivered to the collet or gripper assembly through an integral rotary union using a seal-less, frictionless design. This 100% noncontact rotary-union design ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free operation. The combination collet chuck and rotary union assembly also has significantly less friction and inertia than external assemblies created from discrete parts. This reduced inertia improves system performance by allowing higher peak acceleration and reducing position error during laser machining operations.

Optimized Design
The design of the ACS LP was optimized to minimize stage height. The low profile of the stage reduces the effective working height of the system, thereby minimizing "stack-up" related errors. In addition, the ACS LP series utilizes direct-drive brushless motor technology to maximize positioning performance. Direct-drive technology is optimized for 24/7 production environments because there are no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain. Direct drive also provides quicker acceleration and higher top speeds than gear or belt-driven mechanisms, which yields higher total overall throughput.

The result is an ultra-low profile, high throughput, low maintenance stage that, when coupled with the integral material handling capability, provides the lowest cost of ownership compared to competing solutions.

For more information, please contact Steve McLane at Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238; e-mail:; direct phone: 412-967-6854.

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