Rotary Micro Riffler and Sieving Riffler

The Rotary Micro Riffler(TM) easily and automatically divides samples into eight (8) smaller representative samples for analysis. By repetitive divisions of the collected smaller samples, the desired final sample size can be easily obtained.

The Rotary Micro Riffler(TM) has two basic components: a circular vibrating bowl and a sample collector. The vibrating bowl is amplitude variable and controls the delivery rate of the initial powder sample. The collector consists of a rotating splitter holding eight test tubes. The size of the test tube may be varied to accommodate the initial sample size. Test tubes afford simple filling, emptying and cleaning.

To accommodate a variety of materials the Rotary Micro Riffler(TM) has two sets of controls: one for the delivery rate and the second for the rotation rate of the collectors. By varying these two controls, accurate divisions of any powder may be achieved, regardless of particle size or density, in a reasonable time.

To divide a sample up to 120 cm3 of powder is loaded into the vibrator bowl. The vibrator bowl automatically feeds the collector and the test tubes rotating below the feed chute. After all the material has been delivered into the test tubes, further reduction in sample size may be accomplished by emptying the contents of one or more of the test tubes into the bowl and repeating the procedure until the desired sample size is achieved.

The Sieving Riffler(TM) is designed to handle larger quantities of powder than the Rotary Micro Riffler(TM). Additionally, particles larger than a particular size and/or foreign bodies can be excluded from the riffling process by attaching a sieve to the top of the hopper.

The Sieving Riffler(TM) has three basic components: a cylindrical vibrating hopper, a rotating sample collector table and a replaceable sieve. The collector is divided into eight (8) removable stainless steel compartments. The sieve is mounted on top of the vibrating hopper. The Sieving Riffler(TM) offers the same controls over collector speed and delivery rate as the Rotary Micro Riffler(TM).

To divide a sample, the hopper is filled or partly filled with sample. The vibrator amplitude is set to automatically feed the powder into the rotating collectors. After all the material has been delivered, further reduction in sample size may be achieved
by emptying the contents of one or more collector back into the hopper for additional splitting. When the amount of sample to be re-riffled is no longer reasonable for the Sieving Riffler(TM), smaller samples can be obtained by splitting the contents of one compartment on the Rotary Micro Riffler(TM). The durable stainless steel collectors are appropriate for both laboratory and industrial environments.

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