Rotary Encoder features industrial-grade construction.

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Available in single-turn or multi-turn configurations, Absolute SSI DuraCoder combines resolver sensor technology and integrated circuitry in 2.5 in. package. It includes Reset to Zero and Increasing Count direction input. Optional 5/8 in. diameter shaft carries 100 lb radial and 50 lb axial load rating. In addition to communicating over RS485 link, encoder connects to SSI interface modules or network-based interfaces for integration to machine's automaton architecture.

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SSI Rotary Encoder Combines Outstanding Durability with Precision Feedback

AMCI's expertise with SSI interface technology and encoder sensors ( has produced an Absolute SSI DuraCoder, available in either single-turn or multi-turn configurations. With over twenty years of experience developing specialized industrial controls, AMCI supplies the world with over ten different SSI interface solutions, spanning seven different PLC platforms and four industrial networks.

Terryville, CT February 24, 2007 - AMCI, a Connecticut based industrial controls company, has launched an Absolute SSI Rotary Encoder within their acclaimed DuraCoder family. Considered the "The World's Toughest Rotary Shaft Encoders ( in a size 2.5 inch package", AMCI's exclusive DuraCoder design incorporates resolver sensor technology and integrated circuitry, to deliver one of the most reliable and cost effective rotary shaft encoders on the market today. Furthermore, it combines the flexibility of SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) with extraordinary durability to deliver unbeatable performance.

In addition to industrial-grade construction, AMCI's SSI DuraCoder offers customers an optional 5/8" diameter shaft, delivering trouble-free operation under significant side/radial loads. This rugged shaft option carries a 100 lb radial load and a 50 lb axial load rating. Additionally, this rotary encoder can be ordered in either single-turn or multi-turn configurations, depending on application requirements. Other features include a Reset to zero and an Increasing Count direction input. An optional reset button allows the Multiturn SSI DuraCoder's data to be zeroed without the use of any additional programming equipment or wires.

Like all AMCI products, the Absolute SSI DuraCoder can be purchased alone or with an interface module (, enabling customers to balance their automation needs with existing hardware. "The Absolute SSI DuraCoder was a natural product for AMCI to develop. The long running success of our SSI PLC modules and network able SSI NEXUS controllers gave us the insight to develop a robust SSI rotary encoder. Customers who purchase our SSI compatible products quickly realize the cost savings through optimized performance, simplified installation, and long-term flexibility" explained Matt Tellier, AMCI Sales Engineer.

Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) has been widely accepted for its high throughput, high accuracy and faster response than other means of connecting sensors. In turn, SSI DuraCoders are ideally suited for connection to AMCI's SSI interface modules or network based interfaces for easy integration to a machine's automation architecture.

Every SSI DuraCoder can also communicate over a RS485 link. This functionality includes the ability to both read position data from, and write setup data to, the DuraCoder.

Customers interested in the Absolute SSI DuraCoder, or any of the SSI compatible PLC modules or network-ready solutions, are encouraged to speak with an AMCI representative who can walk them through the specifying process.

Learn more about AMCI's Absolute SSI DC25 DuraCoder more info » (

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