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Rotary Blowing Machine produces 2,000 bottles/hr per mold.

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Rotary Blowing Machine produces 2,000 bottles/hr per mold.

Sep 25, 2009 - Targeting still and sparkling beverage markets, SBO Universal(TM)2 is capable of blowing bottles from recycled PET. Oven configuration, featuring 50 mm pitch, ensures sufficient heating time for output rate of 2,000 bottles per hour per mode, while lamps and oven adaptations help minimize energy consumption. Since bottles produced contain 50% recycled materials, they can display plant-based forms on sides.

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Sidel Innovates for Greener PET Bottles

Press release date: Sep 01, 2009

At Drinktec, Sidel is launching the SBO Universal(TM)2 range, which accelerates industrial blow molder outputs by 10% - reaching 2,000 bottles per hour per mold - while also decreasing energy consumption by 10% in the ovens. The result is the possibility of blowing bottles from recycled PET.

With this new record speed of 2,000 bottles per hour per mold, Sidel is widening its portfolio of solutions for the still and sparkling beverage markets. This output rate is the result of a long, rigorous qualification process that has already been tested and validated during industrial production at several customer facilities. This speed, which is ideal, reliable and safe for intensive industrial operation, applies to all machines in the SBO Universal(TM)2 range, up to SBO 24 XS. Also available in Combi configuration, the SBO Universal(TM)2 range reaches record productivity levels as well, without any compromise in terms of robustness or production reliability. Unplanned machine downtime is reduced to less than 3% due to the use of more robust components and a fewer number of spare parts. It also ensures flawless productivity with guaranteed yields of 97% and optimized production costs.

In addition, the new SBO Universal(TM)2 machines benefit from the same heating reserve that is already available with SBO Universal(TM) equipment. The oven configuration with 50 mm pitch (distance between two spindles) ensures a sufficient heating time for an output rate of 2,000 bottles per hour per mold. New lamps and oven adaptations enable a decrease in energy consumption of up to 10%.

Reaching this new performance level for blow molding represents a new step forward in reducing the environmental impact of each PET bottle during its production.

Generalizing the use of recycled PET
At the same time, Sidel is also committed to improving the environmental footprint of the bottle itself, by facilitating the generalization of bottles made from recycled PET resin. The 1.5-liter mineral water bottle produced at the Sidel stand with an SBO 14 -at a speed of 2,000 b/h/m- has all the attributes of a traditional PET bottle - crystallinity, resistance and elegance. However, it can display plantbased forms on its sides since it contains 50% recycled materials. This bottle is the fruit of a joint development with Husky, the world leader in PET preform injection systems.

Since the use of recycled materials is one of Sidel's focus areas for reducing the industry's environmental footprint, the Group is working hand in hand with the plastic recycling industry and with bottlers in order to pursue a single objective: to give more weight to the production of recycled PET bottles. And a single commitment: to ensure reliable production for this type of package, by obtaining equivalent industrial performance to that with virgin PET bottles. For several years now, Sidel has been conducting a number of tests to qualify resins and to adapt its equipment. Still, 50% recycled material is not the limit. Sidel is continuing its work and has already conducted laboratory tests on blowing bottles with 100% recycled materials, ready for market. This can be done without affecting blowing performance because of the wide processability window for these machines.

These innovations, along with continued work on package lightweighting, bear witness to Sidel's firm commitment: being the leader for plastic packaging equipment means having the opportunity, the power and the responsibility to change the plastic bottling universe.

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