Rotary Atomizer targets chemical and food industries.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of 16,000 rpm and available up to 350 hp, High Speed Rotary Atomizer is based on magnetic bearing technology, eliminating need for gear drives, bearings, shafts, oil lubrication, and cooling systems. Unit features variable speed drive and fully automated PLC-based utility and control system. Gas disperser ensures optimum contact between heated drying gas and atomized spray cloud, while explosion vent door protection system provides sanitary tight seal and meets code requirements.

Original Press Release:

Dedert Corporation Unveils Latest Spray Drying Technology

Chicago, IL, - Dedert Corporation has pioneered the development of a new high speed rotary atomizer for the chemical and food industries. Dedert's new range of spray dryers, built around the innovative, patent pending atomizer, adds to its expansive portfolio of leading evaporation and drying technologies and enhances Dedert's reputation for quality and performance.

The new design, based on magnetic bearing technology, eliminates the need for high
maintenance gear drives, bearings, shafts, oil lubrication and cooling systems, providing unparalleled flexibility for the most demanding applications. The cutting edge rotary atomizer is a robust mechanical and compact design, which offers lower maintenance and higher reliability over conventional rotary technology. The atomizer is provided complete with variable speed drive and a fully automated PLC-based utility and control system.

"This state of the art rotary atomizer is an exceptional step forward for Dedert and the spray drying industry." says Guy Lonergan, President Dedert Corporation. "There has
been little technological advancement in spray drying atomization over the last 20 years; I am confident our technology will be the standard technology for the next 20."

Key features of the rotary atomizer:

· Built around magnetic bearing technology.

· Capable of 16,000rpm, designed to run below first critical speed.

· High capacity units available up to 350hp.

· Immediately compatible with existing installations.

· Complete strategic units held in storage in Chicago, IL.

· Easy to maintain and service.

The new spray dryer is enhanced with an innovative gas disperser to ensure optimum
contact between the heated drying gas and atomized spray cloud, and thereby improve
dryer performance and efficiency. A proprietary explosion vent door protection system
for new and existing installations meets the latest code requirements and is flush
mounted, providing sanitary tight seal design.

Dedert is now well placed to offer spray dryer replacement, retrofits, upgrades and
audits, and offers a complementary review of existing spray drying plants.
Dedert Corporation specializes in the custom-design of industrial concentration and
drying equipment and has successfully provided and integrated dryers and evaporators
worldwide for over 40 years. Dedert standard of design provides systems which are
innovative, flexible, energy efficient and can be incorporated into Customers' expansion plans.

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