ROSS Introduces Model DPM-150 Double Planetary Mixers in All-Stainless Steel Design

Press Release Summary:

The new Model DPM-150 Double Planetary Mixers consist of patented HV blades, interchangeable jacketed vessels, electrohydraulic lift and recipe controls with data logger. The mixer’s blades move in a planetary motion rotating on their own axes. The blades impart a kneading action to the batch when mixing high viscosity products with viscosity above 2 million centipoise.

Original Press Release:

ROSS 150-gallon Double Planetary Mixers

HAUPPAUGE, NY – October 29, 2018 – ROSS advances high-viscosity process equipment well beyond traditional Double Planetary Mixers. Catering to customer-specified process and application requirements, two special 150-gallon Double Planetary Mixers (Model DPM-150) are featured below with patented High Viscosity “HV” Blades, interchangeable jacketed vessels, electrohydraulic lift, recipe controls with data logger, and all-stainless steel sanitary, dust-tight design. This level of technology and customization is rarely seen in the industry at this size.

ROSS Double Planetary Mixers consist of two identical blades that move in a planetary motion, rotating on their own axes as they orbit a common axis. In only 36 revolutions around the vessel, the two blades pass through every point in the product zone, physically contacting the entire batch. Its ability to turnover thick, sticky or putty-like materials with great efficiency makes the DPM a standard workhorse in many industries. When mixing high viscosity products upwards of 2 million centipoise (cP), the blades impart a kneading action to the batch, smoothing out its consistency and breaking up any agglomerates.

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