Ross Group Inc and CEDAR Document Technologies Form Partnership

Atlanta, GA - Ross Group Inc (RGI) and CEDAR Document Technologies today announced their partnership to provide a new, integrated suite of products and services to benefit the American Automobile Association (AAA) and Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) clubs across North America. Combining the features of Ross Group's Memberz Plus(TM) and CEDAR's Communications Platform, this partnership will enhance and extend participating AAA/CAA clubs' ability to service and retain their members, and more efficiently market to and enroll new members.

Ross Group's MemberzPlus(TM) Membership Relationship Management
( (MRM) application is becoming the industry standard for clubs and associations around the country, and is widely appreciated for its 360 degree view of customer interactions. CEDAR's Communications Platform provides an integrated service for creating, managing, tracking and reporting on a company's complete customer communications - from statements and bills, to notices and cross marketing messages. This partnership serves to unlock the data in a club's core systems and provides a single, easy to implement interface for customer communications - regardless of how they are initiated and how they are delivered (USPS, Email, website, FAX, SMS, and IVR).

"Our partnership represents a significant advancement in providing a single environment for selling, servicing, and cross marketing to AAA/CAA club prospects and members," said Mark Ross, CEO of Ross Group Inc.

Pete Kenning, CEO of CEDAR Document Technologies explained that "Ross Group's 360 degree view of the customer is put into action with CEDAR's content management and multi-channel communication delivery and fulfillment capabilities. Motor Clubs can rapidly apply customer knowledge, create and deliver marketing and other messaging to members and measure the results of different messaging approaches to expand their relationship with existing members and effectively market to new prospects."

The integration of RGI and CEDAR products and services will provide a strong set of integrated and easy to use features, including:

o Membership Management: RGI's MemberzPlus(TM) robust membership management system designed specifically for motor clubs.

o Membership Relationship Management: RGI's TouchPoints MRM system built to deepen the relationship between the member and the club.

o Web Site Integration: RGI's WebMember system designed to move member interactions to the web to reduce operational costs.

o Call Center: RGI's enhanced call center operations are integrated with CEDAR's suite of call center CSR tools to provide outbound calling, On Demand letter generation, and Document Archives for complete support of member acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs.

o Consolidated Bills: CEDAR's EBPP (Electronic Bill Present and Payment) platform will integrate multiple 3rd party offerings into a single AAA member's bill.

o Print Delivery Services/Print and Mail Fulfillment: CEDAR's managed print services provide significant cost savings through postal delivery optimization and by minimizing consumables.

o Compliance and Data Security: CEDAR's extensive client base of banks, financial institutions, and insurers, makes them a trusted partner for securely managing all forms of client data.

To learn more about the partnership and its benefits, please contact Richard Spanier at Ross Group Inc, 800.652.4985, or Lee Nagel at CEDAR Document Technologies, at 770.395.5064.

About CEDAR Document Technologies:

Since 1993, CEDAR Document Technologies, Inc has delivered integrated solutions to meet the communications challenges of many of the Fortune 500 companies. CEDAR's document-based, Communications and Servicing Platform enables companies to communicate with customers across multiple distribution channels, while meeting the requirements of regulators and customers for personally relevant communications and increased self-service. Our platform integrates with our clients' core systems to unlock their communications potential.

From a single technology platform, CEDAR delivers everything necessary to effectively manage the communication requirements of 21st century customers and the multitude of systems that support them. Our technology is highly scalable and flexible, delivering integrated services for complex customer communications across all mediums including e-mail, website, interactive PDF, mobile, text, IVR, and traditional print/post. At CEDAR, "Technology is not about making things simple - it's about enabling more complexity."

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About Ross Group Inc: Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio with an office in Douglasville, Georgia, Ross Group Inc is a leading supplier of software to motor clubs in North America. The company supplies software to manage all touch points between the club and its member base. This includes membership management systems for back office and branch operations, web site management and software to integrate member management with other club systems like finance, insurance and road side assistance.

Founded in 1994 by Mark Ross, Ross Group Inc is a technology solutions provider with an extensive array of offerings. RGI provides solutions to both horizontal and vertical markets, from small organizations to Fortune 500 firms, and across many industries.

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