Roof-Mounted Fan System offers interior temperature control.

Press Release Summary:

Relocatable roof-mounted fan system heats air that passes through it into workplace from outdoors. Providing air temperature management in many industrial processes, product is suited for use in fiberglass curing, concrete curing, opto- and piezo-electronics assembly and testing, adhesives, as well as urethanes and polyurethanes applications. It is also beneficial for curing rate control of resins and finishes, such as in furniture production.

Original Press Release:

Roof Mounted Heated Air Supply

Air movement specialist Fanquip has developed a new relocatable roof-mounted fan system that heats air as it pulls it into a workplace from the outside atmosphere.

The objective of this technology is to serve as a source of air temperature management in many industrial processes that require the input of warm air during the cold months of the year.

Such processes include:

o The curing of fibreglass

o Ambient air temperature control for teams of painters

o Curing rate control of resins and finishes (in furniture production etc.)

o Extrusion works

o Concrete curing

o Opto- and piezo-electronics assembly and testing

o Cosmetics and pharma and neutraceutical manufacture

o Urethanes and polyurethanes applications

o Gluing and use of other adhesives

Units are simple to fit, and this can be performed by in-house staff or by Fanquip technicians.

Each roof mounted unit simply brings air in from the outside atmosphere and heats it instantly for whatever process requires the ambient air temperature to be raised

The development of this technology has opened the door for more work options in cold conditions without sourcing expensive equipment or complicated solutions.

For instance, if it is, say, as low as 2°C outside then you can bring up the temperature to as much as 20°C and make the internal work conditions far more conducive to better output.

For more information, please contact, Fanquip. 1800 224 308.

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