Romi's Exhibition, along with B+W at IMTS 2014, Reinforces the Company's Actions in the American Market

The Company's commercial strategy in the US is to further elevate the standard of customer's satisfaction

With 84 years of history and more than 150,000 machines installed worldwide, Romi invests in the American machine tool market. The Company participates, from September 8 to 13, of IMTS 2014, one of the leading worldwide events in this market which will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago.

On its 186 m² booth (2,000 sq ft), located across at S-8780 (South Hall), Romi plans to give more visibility to its American subsidiary, sales and service. Besides the presentation of B + W Machine, a German company acquired by Romi in 2012, the company will raffle, a ROMI C 420 lathe, to those who fill out the entry, which can be done at the Booth, S-8780.

Romi will show the new and highly accurate headstock used in the Horizontal Machining Center B+W MCX 1200. Besides this innovation, the company will exhibit the ROMI C 420 and ROMI C 510 CNC Lathes, the ROMI GL 350B Horizontal Turning Center and a ROMI VTL 700MR Vertical Turning Center.

Traditionally a sales and service subsidiary outside of Brazil, Romi Machine Tools has increased its agents and distributor network in the United States and Canada. Romi's sales headquarters in Erlanger, KY, two minutes from Cincinnati International Airport, also has an extensive inventory of spare parts and a showroom with innovative machines, tailored to the needs of industries served.

"The United States remains as the second largest consumer of machine tools in the world, after China. Research shows that consumption of equipment and growth in the North American machine tool market is a trend that is likely to continue for well into the future, which is favorable to our desire and belief in the North American Machine Tool market, which includes the expansion of Romi and B+W brand in the North America, with supply of high performance, superior quality, reliable machines and services", says Marcos Sartori, International Sales Manager of Romi.

Exporting capital goods since 1944, Romi has experience in supplying machines worldwide and managing sales and services through its subsidiaries located in Spain, UK, Germany, France and Mexico.

Romi Machines at IMTS 2014:

The new headstock for the Horizontal Machining Center B+W MCX 1200 Q

The new headstock is an update with the very latest in technology, raising levels of productivity and accuracy, keeping the renowned standard quality BURKHARDT+WEBER. The new design of the quill allows for increased automation capability compared to conventional boring, providing improvements of positioning accuracy, high speed spindle and other automation B+W features

CNC Lathe ROMI C 420

This CNC Combination Lathe offers great versatility for machining different types of parts, with wide range of power, quick, rapid movements and machining accuracy. The distance between centers of 1.000 mm (39"), swing over bed of Ø 430 mm (16.9"), and swing over cross slide of Ø 200 mm (7.9"). It is equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC controls, with proven high performance and reliability, gives excellent methods of programming and operation, with graphical display for machining simulation. Can be equipped with the RMMP (optional), it enables the operation ease as a conventional lathe with the productivity as a CNC one, may be operated in manual mode.

CNC Lathe ROMI C 510

CNC Combination Lathe with similar characteristics of ROMI C 420, but with higher swing over bed and cross slide, these being Ø 520 mm (20") and Ø 255 mm (10") respectively, a distance between centers of 1500 mm (59"). This machine will be exposed without its cowling which visitors have the opportunity to see the entire structure that is behind the Romi machines.

Horizontal Turning Center ROMI GL 350B

This machine allow the parts turning up to Ø 350 mm (13.8"). As it is configured with two headstocks (left and right), allows for complete machining of parts, performing all operations on the same set-up. With a 12-station turret, for both fixed and driven tools, moreover the Y axis, allowing focus of turning, drilling and tapping operations in a single set. These capabilities offer the user great flexibility for machining on the headstock, with a significant increase in productivity.

Vertical Turning Center ROMI VTL 700MR

Machine designed to machine a turning diameter up to Ø 700 mm (28") and height of 635 mm (25") this machine is meeting the most diverse industry segments, and a wide range of needs for high-production environments. The VTL 700MR presents a very robust and a compact structure, with tempered and ground square guides in the X and Z axis, providing high rigidity and with forward speeds of up to 20 m/min (787 in/min). It has a work area that facilitates rapid and easy loading and unloading of parts, in addition to presenting excellent chip evacuation. This machine is equipped with ASA A2-11" headstock, with power of 46 hp/34 kW for hydraulic chuck of Ø 390 mm (15.4") or Ø 500 mm (20"). With M type turret, 12-station BMT-65 disc for fixed and driven tools, allowing focus of turning, drilling and tapping operations in a single set, offer the user great flexibility and productivity increase. Can be equipped with  Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC Controls.

About Romi – Industrias Romi S.A, founded in 1930, are the market leader in Brazilian machinery market and industrial equipment and important manufacturer of cast iron and machined parts. The company is listed on "Novo Mercado" of BMFBovespa, a selective group of companies with the highest levels of corporative governance. Romi manufacture machine tools (Mechanical Lathes, CNC Lathes, Turning Centres, Vertical Milling Machines, Vertical Lathes, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Lathes and Horizontal Milling Machines), plastic injection moulding and plastic blow moulding machines and grey iron cast, nodular or vermicular, supplied rough or machined. The company's products and services are commercialized globally and used in diversified industrial segments, such as automotive (light and heavy), agricultural machinery, capital goods, consumer goods, tooling, hydraulic, wind power, etc.

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