Rolling Ring Drive features thrust release lever.

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Model RG 40 mm drive features free movement lever and extruded aluminum housings. It provides automatic reversal, without programming or electronics, while traveling at linear speeds up to 0.6 m/sec. Drive is available in 3- (9.70 lb) and 4-ring (11.68 lb) designs, which offer 94.42 and 188.85 lb of axial thrust, respectively. Drive head travel speed and direction are mechanically controlled independently of motor rotational direction or speed.

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Improved "Rolling Ring" Drive is Faster, Lighter Weight -- Features Standard Thrust Release Lever

Aston, PA, February 2004 - Uhing Company has re-engineered its Model RG 40 mm rolling ring drives to provide automatic reversal, without programming or electronics, while traveling at linear speeds of up to 0.6 m/s (0.656 yards/second) -- more than twice as fast as previous Uhing 40 mm drives. At linear speeds exceeding 0.6 m/s, the drives will still automatically reverse without clutches, cams or gears, provided the assembly is fitted with an inexpensive slow down mechanism which slightly reduces linear speed prior to reversal. Previously available only as an option, Uhing's unique free movement lever is standard on the new 40 mm drives.

Two RG-40 mm rolling ring drives have been introduced - a 3-ring design offers 94.42 pounds of axial thrust, and a 4-ring design offers 188.85 pounds of thrust. The length, width and height of the 3- and 4-ring drives are identical so designers requiring additional axial thrust can use the 4-ring drive without consuming additional design space. At 9.70 lbs. and 11.68 lbs. respectively, the new 3- and 4-ring drives have housings made of extruded aluminum and are approximately 2 lbs. lighter than the old models.

The combination of increased speed capacity and lighter weight makes the new Uhing drives better suited for high-speed linear motion applications.

Rolling ring drives are used in automated machinery and equipment requiring a backlash-free linear motion component to perform tasks such as scanning, labeling, slitting, sealing, indexing, coating, winding and a variety of other linear motion processes. Amacoil provides the drives separately or in custom engineered assemblies. Rolling ring drives often simplify linear motion set-up, operation and maintenance because the drive head travel speed and direction are mechanically controlled, independently of the motor rotational direction or speed. Amacoil application engineers are available to assist with sizing and selection.

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