Rollers And Bumpers include additional sizes.

Press Release Summary:

Solid, finned, and DuraSoft(R) rollers are available with diameters from 1-1/2 to 4 in. diameter and widths of 1, 1-1/4, and 2 in. They come in black neoprene, white nitrile, or polyurethane in durometers from 20 to 95. They also offer standard bearing, precision bearing, shaft drive, and brake roll-clutch bearing mountings. Square and rectangular bumpers are available in black neoprene and polyurethane in 35, 60, and 80 durometers.

Original Press Release:

Fairlane Products Expands Rollers And Bumpers Line

Fairlane Products, Inc. (Fraser, MI) has announced the addition of new 1-inch wide rollers to complement the company's existing line of rollers and bumpers. Rollers and bumpers are used in a variety of materials handling, assembly and manufacturing applications where parts movement and protection are needed.

The 1-inch wide rollers are available in the same diameters, materials, durometers and mounting styles as the current line of rollers. Fairlane Products' line of rollers includes solid, finned and DuraSoft(R) rollers from 1 1/2 to 4 inch diameter. All rollers are available not only in the 1-inch width but also in 1-1/4 and 2-inch widths. They come in a variety of durometers (from 20 to 95) a variety of materials (black neoprene, white nitrile or polyurethane) and a variety of mountings (standard bearing, precision bearing, shaft drive and brake roll-clutch bearing allow rotation in one direction only).

The Fairlane Products' bumper line is available in round, square and rectangular shapes as well as custom cut. The square and rectangular bumpers are available in black neoprene and polyurethane in 35, 60 and 80 durometers with sizes of 3/4-inch square to 2 l/2-inch x 4-inch.

Heights from 3/8 to 2-inch. Special cut bumpers are available in black neoprene, 80 durometer, with thickness from 3/8 to 2-inch. All square, rectangular and special cut bumpers can be fabricated with drilled, counter-bored or tapped holes, with aluminum backing.

Fairlane Products also designs and manufactures a wide range of workholding and positioning components, all built to promote higher productivity through faster speeds and feeds - while their modular and economical replaceable wear surface extends the life of expensive jigs, fixtures, jaws and clamping mechanisms. In addition, the company designs and manufactures serrated grippers, encompassing hardened high-speed tool steel or solid carbide diamond pattern grippers, low-profile edge grippers, single point and straight serration grippers. Other products include Swivots(R) - modular component workholding elements incorporating a serrated gripper, smooth pad, or a Delrin(R) rest pad that rotates and pivots for holding and positioning of irregular contour surfaces.

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