Roller Top Belts are suited for accumulation applications.

Press Release Summary:

HabasitLINK plastic modular belt styles include Roller Top straight belts, Roller Top radius belts, and Clip-on Roller Top belts, which are available with transversal, 45° left, 45° right, and longitudinal roller rotation. Suited for various technical solutions and applications as well as accumulation and separation of products, belts offer minimal friction, wear, and power consumption. They incorporate free-rotating rollers with max load rating of ~4.500 N.

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HabasitLINK Roller Top Belts

Reinach, Basel - 19th January 2005 - Based on its comprehensive experience for over 50 years and leadership position in fabric based belting, Habasit has developed the HabasitLINK plastic modular belts range. Highly interesting among the biggest belt range on the market are the new versions of Roller Top belts.

Product range overview on Roller Top belts

· Roller Top straight belts

· Roller Top radius belts

· Clip-on Roller Top belts (transversal, 45° left, 45° right, longitudinal)

Roller Top belts for various technical solutions and applications

For accumulation and separation of products

Roller Top belts offer ideal options for the accumulation of heavy duty totes, crates and boxes. For heavy duty container transports HabasitLINK Roller Top belts offer three major advantages: minimal friction for reduced product damage, minimal belt wear as well as low power consumption. To meet hygiene requirements even in critical applications like meat or poultry packaging Habasit has developed Roller Top belts with free-rotating rollers mounted directly on the belt rods. The rollers are available in different widths to optimize the processes according to different shapes and weights of the products.

The HabasitLINK Roller Top Radius belts offer the lowest collapse factor 2.2 available in the market (e.g. 2.2 times belt width represents the minimum conveyor belt inner radius). This enables users and manufacturers to design low back pressure accumulation lines in the most space saving and economical way.

For accumulation or low back pressure applications, wearstrips are placed between rollers. Product separation can be achieved by placing the wearstrips directly under rollers (driven applications). HabasitLINK Roller Top belts are ideal for packaging lines, where product positioning is critical.

The new all-in-one solution for accumulation, separation, transversal movement and alignment of products

The new line of HabasitLINK Clip-on Roller Top belts has been engineered to provide new features and benefits to the industry like:

· 4 different directions of roller rotation possible (transversal, 45° left, 45° right, longitudinal)

· highest vertical roller load (~4.500 N) in the industry, due to a more stable construction

· customized assembly in various patterns and roller spacings

· reduced maintenance and inventory cost, due to the design which allows for simple exchange of Clip-on rollers

· equal top level of belt for all roller directions reduces cost of conveyor design and construction

· further advantages are an extended belt life, less maintenance time, smaller conveyor footprint and product jams are reduced by eliminating the points where products can get entangled

In addition to the described accumulation and separation function, the new roller top belts can be used in areas where products as for example boxes, heavy containers or tires are moved in a transverse direction onto the belt or pushed sideways from the belt.

Assembled with 45° rollers in two directions towards the middle, the HabasitLINK roller top belts provide an easy and flexible solution to achieve product centering instead of complex roller or belt/diverter technology. To activate this functionality products are moved onto the centering belt with a speed difference. In any conveying application where accurate positioning of packages, cases and boxes is required, such as scanners in-feed, palletizers, bar code readers or also labeling equipment Roller Top-45° belts eliminate jams and reduce costs.

HabasitLINK Roller Top belts prolong equipment life and improve efficiency. No matter what kind of product is handled: big or small, heavy or fragile, wrapped or strapped, in standardized size or non-standard shapes, the HabasitLINK Roller Top belts offer an optimal solution.

Habasit, the "One-Stop Shopping" company for all conveying applications from material handling to food processing, always provides its customers a high level of product quality, service and responsiveness.

For more information on HabasitLINK, including the Roller Top belts please visit or contact your Habasit representative today.

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