Roller System moves patients for decontamination.

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Portable De-Con Roller System facilitates decontamination of immobilized victims in De-Con Pac(TM) de-con station. Two people can stretch it though station for dis-robe, de-con, and re-robe. Conveyor system expands to 16 ft, 9 in. and compresses to 4 ft, 6 in. Five sets of wheeled legs each offer adjustable height, 3 of which can be locked. All-steel system comes with cinch strap for secure compression and Copper Stopper(TM) storage sac to prevent rust and corrosion.

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Portable De-Con Roller System

Introducing the new Portable De-Con Roller System: the ideal solution when decontaminating immobilized victims in the Andax De-Con Pac(TM) instant de-con station, quickly and safely. No assembly is needed: just open and use!

Two people can easily stretch it through the Andax three-stage de-con station to easily dis-robe, de-con, and re-robe. Now you can instantly roll non-ambulatory, contaminated patients through and decontaminate before hospital treatment.

This flexible conveyor system expands to 16 feet 9" and compresses to 4 feet 6". It features five sets of wheeled legs: each set's height can be individually adjusted and three of these sets of wheels can be locked. The all-steel construction provides structural integrity when the Roller System is fully extended - whether positioned straight or curved!

The Portable De-Con Roller System offers a convenient stop handle on one end, which folds down when connecting the conveyor to other conveyors, and it features anti-rust polyurethane rollers.

Each flexible Roller System comes with a cinch strap for secure compression and a Copper Stopper(TM) storage sac to prevent rust and corrosion.

For more information on the Portable De-Con Roller System or for a free product catalog, please contact Andax Environmental Corp. at 1-800-999-1358,visit our website at, or send an e-mail to

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