Roll-Up Door employs disc-drive technology.

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RapidRoll® 3000 utilizes disc modules that wind door's aluminum slats, which are linked with rubberized, steel-reinforced straps. Slats do not touch each other, resulting in quiet opening and closing of door with minimal vibration and no friction. Door measures 16 ft 5 in. x 16 ft 5 in. and opens at speeds to 8.2 fps. Door will not close on top of objects, equipment, or personnel due to Contactless Safety Edge(TM), which employs photoelectric sensors.

Original Press Release:

Albany Door Systems Introduces High-Speed Roll-Up Door with Disc-Drive Technology

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (May XX, 2004) - Albany Door Systems announces its latest product, the RapidRoll® 3000 industrial door, using innovative disc-drive technology. The door's unique disc modules wind the aluminium slats of the door panel so that they do not touch each other. Therefore, the RapidRoll 3000 opens and closes quietly, with minimal vibration and no friction between the metal slats as they wind onto the door's top roll tube. That means no excessive wear and tear, and longer time intervals between door maintenance.

The RapidRoll 3000 door's maximum dimensions are 16 feet, 5 inches high and 16 feet, 5 inches wide to fit easily into almost any structure. With an opening speed of up to 8.2 feet per second, this robust rolling metal door delivers the same performance as high speed, flexible roll-up doors, with the added benefit of anti-intrusion protection. In the future, the remarkably simple disc-drive technology will form the basis for a whole new generation of high-performance roll-up doors.

The door's strength and resistance to wear and tear come from a combination of engineering design and special materials. The metal slats that comprise the door panel are not linked in the normal way using hinges, but with rubberized, steel-reinforced straps. If anything accidentally collides with the door panel, the force of the impact is spread throughout the entire curtain, helping to protect the door and minimize damage.

With the RapidRoll 3000, a high priority is also placed on protecting both its users and the doorway itself. The door will not close on top of objects, equipment or personnel in the door's path thanks to Albany Door Systems' patented Contactless Safety Edge(TM).

This technology features photoelectric sensors that travel up and down with the door panel, positioned 5 inches below the front of the door's bottom edge. If the light beam between the photoelectric sensors becomes disrupted while the door is closing, the sensors stop the door and cause it to reverse direction. Unlike conventional reversing edge technology, there is no need for the door's bottom edge to make contact with an object in order to reverse direction. The RapidRoll 3000 features additional stationary photoelectric sensors built into protected areas in its side sections. It's also possible to integrate actuating features, such as remote control, motion detectors or induction loops.

The RapidRoll 3000 requires very little maintenance because it has no hinges, wheels or rollers that often wear out and need to be replaced. If any of the door's metal slats ever become damaged, they can be replaced individually without the use of a forklift to support and separate the whole door panel. Removable side frame covers provide convenient access and the design of the brackets securing the slats allows for easy manual replacement of individual components.

Aesthetically, RapidRoll 3000 stands apart from standard rolling metal doors. The door offers an attractive, smooth surface that can be powder coated in a variety of RAL colors. Integrated window sections that cover a large area of the door panel also are available.

About Albany Door Systems
Since developing the first high-speed industrial doors, Albany Door Systems has continued to engineer award-winning door technologies for more than 35 years. Through research and design, strategic acquisitions and innovative product development, Albany Door Systems has become the world leader in high-performance doors. Visit them on the Internet at

Albany Door Systems is a subsidiary of Albany International Corporation (NYSE: AIN), the world's largest producer of paper machine clothing and high-performance doors.

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