Roll Splicing Tape works in printing applications.

Press Release Summary:

EasySplice(TM) PrintLine straight line paster tape for roll-to-roll splicing eliminates glue, need for nose tabs, and possibility of glue contamination on cylinders and idler rollers. It uses standard application procedure regardless of press type, paper grade/weight, or web width.

Original Press Release:

Tesa EasySplice PrintLine Straight-Line Splicing Tape

Straight and Not to the Point!

CHARLOTTE, NC - February 20, 2002 - tesa tape, inc., a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, is making lasting impressions in commercial printing applications with the recent introduction of its straight-line splicing tape - tesa EasySplice(TM) PrintLine. This revolutionary product joins an entire line of splicing tape solutions offered by tesa, as well as comprehensive double-sided, masking, and packaging product lines.

tesa EasySplice PrintLine offers commercial printers an unrivaled method for roll-to-roll splicing applications. The nature of the product's design has created a technological paradigm shift at many large commercial printing facilities in North America. These operations have gotten the "straight' facts about PrintLine and have 'put it down on paper":
* Straight line paster tape that eliminates glue and the need for nose tabs
* Eliminates the possibility of glue contamination on cylinders and idler rollers
* 100% splice security ensured
* Standard application procedure regardless of the press type, paper grade/weight, or web width; employee training can be reduced to hours instead of days or weeks
* Splice preparation time can be reduced by up to 75%
* Drastic increases in production output can be realized by reducing the number of finished copies that must be discarded due to registration turbulence
* and the list rolls on and on.

Go straight and experience the roll to roll advantages of tesa EasySplice PrintLine!

tesa tape, inc. manufactures and markets pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in four primary product categories: double-sided tapes, masking tapes, packaging tapes, and other commonly used tapes (such as duct and cellophane). tesa has its regional North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC, with manufacturing facilities in Middletown, NY; Sparta, Ml; and numerous other plants around the world.

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