Roll Packaging System processes 75 rolls/minute.

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GS-4 Series High Speed Roll Packaging System handles gift wrap, plain plastic films, and metallized films. System operates in cores, coreless, or sheet stiffened modes, and handles 1.25-2.0 in. rolls with web widths of 31.5 or 40 in. and production rates of 820 fpm. Cut lengths are electronically adjustable in millimeter increments from 3.3-40 ft with accuracy of ±0.1 in. Manual adjustments are made without tools through lever locking system.

Original Press Release:

Elsner Engineering Works New GS-4 Series High Speed Roll Packaging System

Elsner Engineering Works new GS-4 Series High Speed Roll Packaging System for gift-wrap papers and films provides users with the ability to run metallized films at the same high production rates as paper and offers easier machinery adjustments - all
at a lower cost and beyond user expectations.

The GS-4 Series is a completely automated production line from start to finish for rolled, wrapped and labeled products. The versatile GS-4 handles a wide range of products such as gift wrap, plain plastic films and metallized films. Production rates are 820 feet (250 m) per minute or 75 rolls per minute - the highest quoted speeds in the industry - for all substrates when running in any of the three operational modes i.e. cores, coreless or sheet stiffened. The standard range for rolls is 1.25
inches to 2.0 inches (32 mm to 52 mm) with larger and smaller diameters available. Speed compensation provides accurate roll length. Web widths are 31.5 inches or 40 inches (800 mm or 1,000 mm). Cut lengths are electronically adjustable in millimeter increments from 3.3 feet to 40 feet (1 m to 12 m) with optional lengths to 165 feet (50 m) available. Accuracy of cut length is +/- 0.1 inches (3 mm).

Manual adjustments can easily be made without tools through a simple lever locking system. The operator control station features a userfriendly, touch screen display and the PLC has built-in settings for a wide variety of substrates. The production process is automatically controlled with a quick and easy set up.

Cut length, production speed, product characteristics and operational mode are monitored and synchronized by advanced electronics. Servo systems provide programmability, repeatability and excellent accuracy throughout the production process to insure a quality finished product.

The patented Elsner unclosed roll orienter positions the end of the unclosed product perfectly for over wrapping. This eliminates the need for tape, bands or glue as well as the costs for application equipment. Perfect shrink utilizes a two stage process, pre-shrink and full body shrink, and provides neat, tight and consistent over wrapped rolls. Label options include the exclusive Elsner loose label inserter. External labels
can be applied anywhere on the roll and end labels may be applied to one or both ends.

The new GS-4 Series is compact, provides easy access to all components and is a modular design (rewinder, over wrapper and shrink tunnel are separate modules) allowing for easy future options.

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