Roll Hardness Tester targets paper industry.

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Combining rebound hammer method with high compliance plunger, PaperSchmidt provides roll-profiling accuracy and repeatability. Intuitive operator interface displays hardness profiles, limits, and roll IDs, while automatic reloading and automatic data storage accelerate testing. Dedicated firmware allows instant analysis of data on instrument's display. With Windows-based Paperlink software, it is possible to download, present, and edit data measured by PaperSchmidt using PC.

Original Press Release:

New PaperSchmidt Roll Hardness Tester

The need for roll testing

Out of round rolls and other defects such as corrugations caused by non-uniform roll hardness profiles are a major cause of lost production for both producers and converters alike. A reliable measurement of the roll hardness profile is of critical importance in deciding whether a roll is good or bad. Production staff needs to be able to test quickly and reliably and to interpret the results as efficiently as possible.


PaperSchmidt is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for roll hardness testing. A new measuring principle and a high compliance plunger provide roll-profiling accuracy and repeatablility that was unachievable before now. In addition to this it has an extended lifetime to cope with the heavy demands of the paper industry and dedicated tools, such as pre-defined tolerances that make assessing a profile a simple matter.

Benefits to the customer

Accurate Profiling: Sensitivity and repeatability to a degree unmatched by conventional roll testers. Dedicated firmware allows instant analysis of the data on the instrument's display.

Durability: The PaperSchmidt has a vastly improved service lifetime compared with traditional instruments.

Ease of use: Intuitive operator interface (displaying hardness profiles, limits, roll IDs, etc.). Automatic reloading and automatic data storage allows the fastest possible test performance.

Data export and analysis: The Paperlink software provides simple tools to make a clear assessment of the results.

Exceptional Roll Profile Accuracy

The PaperSchmidt's unique design combines the simplicity of the rebound hammer method with accuracy that was previously only achievable with much more expensive instruments and provides a lot of useful information about the roll profile.

Paperlink - Data Analysis Made Simple

The Windows based software Paperlink makes it possible to download, present and edit data measured by the PaperSchmidt in a fast and easy way using a PC. This allows the user to quickly check the roll profile against user defined tolerances. It also allows the user to define roll identifier names for batch testing and download these onto the hammer. All data can be exported to third party applications.

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