Roll-Fed Labelers handle containers from 8 oz to 3 liters.

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Suited for low- to mid-speed operations, Marathon SLA labels up to 450 containers/min. Marathon XLA achieves speeds up to 650 cpm, while Marathon XLUA features 180° U-shaped conveyor that maximizes container stability at speeds up to 650 cpm. All include SMARTdrive(TM) 4- or 5-axis servomotor drive-train with automatic label registration and timing, achieving positional accuracy over life of machine. With advanced digital design and recipe-driven repeatability, labelers achieve 15-min changeovers.

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B & H Labeling Systems Introduces Next Generation of Marathon Roll-Fed Labelers

B & H Labeling Systems introduces the next generation of Marathon roll-fed labelers at Pack Expo booth #822. This latest generation of Marathon SLA, XLA and XLUA labelers includes over two dozen new design features that will enhance Marathon's ease of operation and speed of changeovers.

"Our continuous development program for Marathon is focused on helping customers keep pace with constantly changing production requirements and ever changing containers, label materials and adhesives. As always, our ultimate goal is to offer customers the widest window of operation and to be responsive to customer needs and input," noted Roman Eckols, President and CEO of B & H Labeling Systems. "By focusing on continuous improvement, we've taken our high performance Marathon labelers and made them even better."

The latest generation of Marathon labelers includes new design features that impact every key functional component of the machine from container infeed to container discharge. Machine components including the label unwind system, the roll on belt system, the feedscrew assembly and the feed roller / pressure roller system all include new design features and upgrades. Popular options including extended infeed and discharge conveyor, and one touch hand valves for the label unwind core chucks have also been added as standard features.

B & H offers three models of Marathon labelers, all designed for ease of use, low maintenance and high operating efficiencies with fast size changeovers and exceptional reliability. The Marathon series of labelers can label containers from 8 oz. to 3 liters in size. Ideal for low- to mid-speed operations, the Marathon SLA labels up to 450 containers per minute (cpm). The Marathon XLA achieves speeds up to 650 cpm. The high speed Marathon XLUA features a 180° U-shaped conveyor that maximizes container stability at speeds up to 650 cpm.

Featuring B & H's SMARTdrive(TM), a four or five-axis servomotor drive-train with automatic label registration and timing, Marathon achieves extreme positional accuracy over the life of the machine. With up to five independent servomotors communicating on a high-speed digital bus to synchronize labeling operations, SMARTdrive eliminates the gears, belts and chains found in traditional labelers. The complete Allen-Bradley drive-train and controls platform consists of Allen-Bradley servo drives, servomotors, programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI).

With its advanced digital design and recipe-driven repeatability, Marathon labelers achieve the fastest changeover in the industry - less than 15 minutes from one full production speed to another, including the replacement of change parts - by eliminating tedious, time-consuming manual adjustments. Production parameters for every container and label combination can be stored as recipes in the PLC and downloaded to set all servo axes to the appropriate positions. Lightweight, color-coded RCO (Rapid Changeover) change parts further ease changeover.

About B & H Labeling Systems

Since introducing the first roll-fed labeling system over 40 years ago, B & H Labeling Systems has been known worldwide for innovation, dependability and responsive customer service. B & H maintains its role as a dedicated labeling solutions provider by successfully developing new labelers and applications for multiple industries, and by supporting a wide range of customers and B & H labelers with parts and technical service, regardless of the age or model of the machine.

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