Roll Compactors can contain pressure to 2 psig.

Press Release Summary:

Gas Tight Roll Compactors have specially designed enclosures around rolls to provide isolated environment for oxygen-sensitive materials. They can operate in inert gas purged system without special isolation, preventing exposure of product to ambient air and eliminating product leakage into surrounding area. MS75 processes 500 to 2000 kg/hr while MS300 processes 15 tons/hr. Machines are available in stainless steel or exotic specialty materials.

Original Press Release:

Hosokawa Bepex Introduces Gas Tight Roll Compactors

Minneapolis, MN ---- Hosokawa Bepex recently introduced a new line of gas tight roll compactors. Specially designed enclosures around the compacting rolls provide an isolated environment for oxygen sensitive materials. The gas tight roll compactors can contain pressure up to 2 PSIG. The same design feature can also be used in the feeder assembly. Subsequently, the roll compactor can operate in an inert gas purged system without special isolation. This not only prevents exposure of the product to ambient air but also eliminates any product leakage into the surrounding area. These machines are designed for use in the
chemical, food, polymer and pharmaceutical markets.

Several machines in various sizes are already in operation.

Machines can be fabricated from either stainless steel or exotic specialty metals depending on the user's specific requirements. Machines capable of capacities ranging from 25kg per hour to over 100 tons per hour are available. For example, the MS75 compactor will process 500-2000 kg/hr while the MS300 will
process over 15 tons per hour. Custom design models can be built to meet special customer requirements. Feeders are selected based on process parameters.


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