RoHS-Compliant Proximity Sensor takes precise measurements.

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With 10 KHz analog output and threshold-adjustable 3.3 KHz switched output, KD-2446 provides flexible solution for high-speed automated manufacturing and process control applications. It comes in Pb-free DIN package and performs with 0.008% FS resolution and 0.56% FS switch point hysteresis. Inductive eddy current technology ensures non-contact measurement, with equal performance for ferrous and non-ferrous targets, in displacement, vibration, sorting, and event capture applications.

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Precision Displacement, Vibration and Sorting Measurements with Kaman's Rugged RoHS-Compliant Proximity Sensors

Kaman's KD-2446 is a high-precision proximity sensor system that offers lead-free RoHS compliance in a cost-effective compact DIN package that's easy to install. With a 10KHz analog output and threshold-adjustable 3.3KHz switched output, the KD-2446 provides a flexible solution for today's high-speed automated manufacturing and process control applications.

Kaman's reputation for high-performance sensors is reflected in the KD-2446 system, performing with 0.008%FS resolution and 0.56%FS switch point hysteresis. CE and RoHS compliance makes this new system ideal for OEM applications with worldwide distribution. Applications include displacement, vibration, sorting, and event capture.

The KD-2446 uses inductive, eddy current technology that measures without touching the target and offers excellent performance with both ferrous and non-ferrous targets. The system consists of two sub-assemblies: the sensor with integral cable and the signal conditioning or electronics module. Input voltage is variable from 12 to 24 volts DC, and gain is adjustable for up to 22 volts output (with 24 Vdc input).

Kaman's KD-2446 system comes standard with one of two production sensor configurations - the 9C or the 5CM. Both of these rugged sensors are rated for continuous operation up to 400°F.

The KD-2446 system is in production and available immediately from Kaman.

Kaman Precision Products | Measuring, an operating unit of Kaman Aerospace Corporation, has led the industry for over 45 years in solving difficult industrial sensing applications when non-contact with the target is required. For further information regarding Kaman and KD-2446, contact Kaman at 800-552-6267 or at

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