Rohm to Showcase Advanced Clamping and Gripping Technologies at IMTS

Electromechanical clamping, standardized products, custom grippers among booth highlights

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., РIn booth W-2464 at IMTS 2014, R̦hm Products of America will exhibit a wide variety of advanced clamping and gripping technologies. Among the new and innovative products on display will be e-QUIPMENT clamping tools that employ electric power instead of hydraulics to maximize control and efficiency; the new Orange Line of products that are standardized for easy availability and attractive pricing; RRMP synthetic grippers that are custom-engineered for specific automation applications; the convenient Jaw Finder jaw selection application; and micro technology workholding products engineered for precise handling of critical small parts.


The e-QUIPMENT line of clamping tools for turning and milling machines is actuated electro-mechanically, dispensing with hydraulics. Unlike hydraulically actuated clamps, energy-efficient e-QUIPMENT clamps require energy only “on demand,” during clamping and disengaging actions. Further, the machine control electrically manages clamping forces and strokes, optimally adjusting them to save time and facilitate the processing of delicate workpieces. Forces can be adjusted during an operation; for example, clamping force can be reduced during a finishing process to avoid workpiece deformation.

Orange Line

Röhm has standardized its new Orange Line of products, ranging from drill chucks and live centers to lathe chucks and machine vices, to enable them to be priced attractively and available quickly. The Orange Line expands continually with new products such as the RB-M and RB-K machine vices featuring modular designs that permit them to be offered with either a mechanical spindle (RB-M) or power intensification (RB-K). From a visual point of view, orange detailing on every product unites the Orange Line family.

Jaw Finder

In light of the vast array of choices available in Röhm’s comprehensive and diverse clamping jaw program, the company has developed an application to help customers determine which jaw is the best for their particular workpieces and operations. With only three mouse clicks, the Jaw Finder enables end users to select from the entire range of jaws.

The Jaw Finder includes jaws for manual lathe chucks, independent chucks and power chucks from different manufacturers both in industrial and artisan production, from one-piece jaws, reversible top jaws and claw jaws, to draw-down jaws and other types across the range. The Jaw Finder also includes a convenient inquiry function that enables users to directly acquire quote information.

RRMP Gripper

New automation gripping technology from Röhm includes the RRMP synthetic gripper that combines compact size and extremely low weight with tested endurance performance. New manufacturing processes make it possible for Röhm to individually design and manufacture the grippers to handle specific workpieces, be they round, prismatic, or free-form surfaces. The air-operated jaws are an ideal solution for light workpieces.

Micro Technology

In response to continuing manufacturing trends toward downsizing and miniaturization, Röhm will display items from its new micro technology clamping and gripping product offering engineered to handle workpieces ranging from the small to the minute. Typical applications include watchmaking, jewelry and medical manufacturing. Implants for dental technology and for hip and knee joints, for example, are made with the help of chucks, centric clamping devices and micro clamping systems from Röhm. The company also provides tool clamping systems for situations where even HSK 25 tools are too big. The systems permit the smallest tools to be clamped securely, either directly without an adapter, or with the help of a taper fitting.

About Röhm Products of America

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Röhm Products of America, a division of the Röhm Group, has been a leading provider of high-quality clamping and gripping technology to the North American metalworking industry since 1978. The company’s broad and powerful product portfolio encompasses drill chucks, live centers, lathe chucks, vices, automation technology, power chuck technology, mandrels, tool clamping systems and customized solutions for turning, milling, drilling and grinding applications. The company also takes pride in providing world-class support and services to ensure trouble-free machining processes for its customers within the aerospace, automotive, energy, engineering, micro technology and rail vehicle manufacturing sectors. For more information, please visit

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