Rogers to Showcase EL Lighting and Expanded Line of Specialty Foams Solutions at Auto Interiors Show 2006

Rogers, CT, March 20, 2006: Rogers Corporation will be exhibiting its expanded offerings of unique PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone cellular products in addition to its DUREL® electroluminescent (EL) lamps and drivers at this year's Auto Interiors Show.

Noted for their excellent compression-set resistance, PORON Cellular Urethanes offer a myriad of design solutions in automotive interiors, which include cushioning between mating parts. Typically these applications are in interior gaskets and seals, bumpers, dampeners, light shields, display gaskets, and circuit board/IC chip isolation, among other locations. PORON materials also have proven aesthetic appeal - designed to enhance the look of auto interiors in a variety of ways. For example, PORON products used in applications such as cupholders and console bin mats are available in a rainbow of colors. PORON materials can also be manufactured in a grained, leather look in assorted colors. They also meet a wide variety of automotive and environmental specifications and laboratory standards for flammability (MVSS-302) and fogging (SAE-J-1756), making them ideally suited for auto interiors.

For demanding and high-temperature environments, Rogers High Performance Foams Division offers a second family of Cellular and solid materials used in automobile interiors, under the hood and chassis - BISCO Silicones. These materials are noted for their excellent performance in demanding and high-temperature environments. These materials can be used in areas needing increased protection against heat as electronics get more confined in the engine compartment.

Rogers Durel Division will be showcasing its full line of EL lamps and drivers used to backlight interior applications, such as instrument clusters, cupholders, HVAC controls and PRNDLs. Also on display will be its newest products for backlighting door panels, door sills and other moodlighting applications.

Rogers DUREL® EL lamps have been used as a source of lighting by the automotive industry since 1991, when DUREL patented micro-encapsulated phosphor was introduced. At the heart of DUREL EL lighting technology is a very thin layer of these phosphor particles, which glow when excited by alternating electric current.

DUREL EL lamps provide one of the most flexible automotive interior lighting systems, enabling a curved geometry that eliminates hot spots associated with LEDs to provide sharp, crisp, uniform lighting for clusters, cupholders, and other surfaces. In addition to uniform lighting and flexibility, the thin profile and flat surface provided by DUREL EL lamps also eliminate the need for light guides, while reducing power consumption and heat.

Rogers' high-power IC drivers for automotive applications will also be on display, including the DUREL D306A and the newest addition to its driver product line, the DUREL D307A. The D306A is a powerful device that can convert a wide input voltage range from 2.0 Vdc to 16.0 Vdc to an output voltage of 400V peak-to-peak. It is ideal for lithium-ion and alkaline battery powered applications. Intended for signage, instrumentation displays and other large backlighting uses, the D306A can drive EL lamps as large as 180 cm2. The D306 IC is also equipped with proprietary wave-shaping programmability for reducing audible noise. Dual on-chip oscillators allow for independent selection of inductor switching and lamp output frequency optimization through the choice of external capacitor values or with separate external clock signals. The D306A is available in a narrow-body surface-mount SOIC-16 package with heat slug and requires a minimal number of external components.

The new D307A, the most powerful IC from Rogers, will drive lamps as large as 225.8cm2. The D307A driver offers a variety of functionality, including patented, flexible wave shaping capability for minimizing audible noise, precision control of frequencies, accurate lamp luminance variability using pulse width signals through the CHF and/or CLF inputs and stable power dissipation. As with all of Rogers' EL drivers, the D306 and D307 ICs are available in Pb- and Halogen-free packaging.

Rogers' materials and components are available worldwide through an extensive network of knowledgeable fabricators and distributors. Visit Rogers' Web site at for more information or to locate a representative in your area.

Rogers Corporation, headquartered in Rogers, CT, U.S.A., develops and manufactures high-performance specialty materials, which serve a diverse range of markets including: portable communication devices, communication infrastructure, consumer products, computer and office equipment, ground transportation, and aerospace and defense. Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, Arizona, and Illinois in the U.S., in Gent, Belgium, in Suzhou, China, and in Hwasung City, Korea. Sales offices are located in Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Singapore.

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