Rogers Corp. to Introduce RO4450B(TM)-dx Bondply at IEEE MTT- S

High frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication

Show: IEEE MTT-S (International Microwave Symposium)
Dates: June 13 - 15, 2006
Venue: Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco, CA
Booth #: 1441

Rogers, CT, April 7, 2006: Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) will be introducing its new RO4450B(TM)-dx Bondply, a high fill/flow version of the industry standard RO4450B(TM) High Frequency Circuit Material, at this year's International Microwave Symposium.

RO4450B circuit material is a glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic thermoset bondply designed for performance-sensitive, multilayer printed circuit boards. These bondplys are designed to offer superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication. The result is a low loss material, which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR4) processes. The new RO4450B-dx is a high fill/flow version of the RO4450B bondply. It is designed to fill those high-density designs while still offering thin dielectric spacing.

RO4403(TM), RO4450B(TM), and RO4450B(TM)-dx prepregs are based upon the RO4000 series core materials and are compatible in multilayer constructions with either RO4003C or RO4350B laminates. As with RO4000 laminates, RO4400 prepregs are compatible with the majority of standard FR4 processing practices.

Rogers will also be featuring the following materials at the show:

· R/flexf® 3000 Family of Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP)-based Circuit Materials includes the R/flex 3600 LCP single-clad laminate and the R/flex 3850 double-clad laminate. R/flex 3850 laminate is produced in a range of copper and film thicknesses, just as the single-clad laminate, and is available in standard panel formats. These materials offer a unique combination of mechanical, electrical, thermal, and environmental properties for tightly controlled impedance flex interconnections, next-generation wireless handsets, high-density flip-chip packages and moisture-resistant sensors. R/flex 3000 is a halogen-free material, and meets the RoHS standards.

· RT/duroid® 6202 Material - An addition to Rogers' traditional microwave laminates, this material provides the key feature of improved dimensional stability while supporting the highest performance requirements for the most demanding applications for frequencies of 3 GHz to over 90 GHz. Its other key properties include superior electrical characteristics and highly predictable performance.

Visit the new "Green Leader" site at, which contains information on Rogers' environmentally friendly specialty material products and related compliancy issues.

Rogers' specialty materials are offered worldwide through an extensive network of technical sales offices. Based in Rogers, CT, the corporation manufactures and markets specialty polymer and electronic materials for targeted applications, focusing on communication and computer markets.

RO4000, RO4403, RO4450B, R/flex, and RT/duroid are licensed trademarks of Rogers Corporation.

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