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igubal® E-Series polymer clevis joint, connecting rods, and snap rings provide complete connection made of engineered polymers. Polymer construction absorbs vibration and provides tensile strength suitable for chemical- and moisture-present environments. Clevis joint is available in 6 sizes from 10/32 to 1/2 inch as well as in 18 metric sizes from 5 to 30 mm dia. Connecting rod is available with snap ring option in 9 metric sizes, with inner diameters from 5 to 20 mm.

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The igubal® Clevis Joint Makes the Connection

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (July 11, 2002) - igubal® E-Series rod ends including a polymer clevis joint, connecting rods and snap rings, from igus® inc., provide a complete connection made entirely of engineered polymers. The polymer construction ensures a lightweight product capable of absorbing vibration and providing high tensile strength in chemical and moisture environments. The polymer nature of the material also offers high resistance levels to extreme temperatures and wear. The igubal® E-Series is ideal for outdoor machinery subject to frequent washing and chemical exposure because it is corrosion free.

The clevis joint is currently available in 6 inch sizes from 10/32 to 1/2 inch, and 18 metric sizes, ranging from 5 to 30 mm in diameter. The connecting rod is available with a snap ring option in 9 metric sizes, with an inner diameter ranging from 5 to 20 mm. Inch sizes are also available.

For more information, catalogs, samples, and technical engineering support, contact igus®, inc., PO Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914, (phone) 800-521-2747 or 401-438-2200, (fax) 401-438-7270, (e-mail), (Web site) igus® specializes in Energy Chain® cable carrier systems, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables and iglide® polymer bearing products.

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