Robots feature absolute encoders for fast start up.

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The turboscara(TM) SR4plus, SR6plus, and SR8plus include absolute measurement system, which ensures that robots always know work envelope position without reference homing cycle each time they are powered up. Robots can be pre-wired for plug-and-play attachment of end-of-arm tooling, speeding on-site installation. EVS201 power supply and safety module include 4 operating modes for automatic or manual operation. Control system includes robot-specific functions and internal PLC.

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New Rexroth Robot Series Provides More Flexibility, Faster Installation

Company will display turboscara series at the IMTS 2002 Manufacturing Conference, September 4-11, 2002 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Booth #4222

turboscara(TM) SR4/SR6/SR8plus from the Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies division of Bosch Rexroth Corporation save
space and cut costs while increasing output

Greater flexibility and easier installation are the key benefits of the new turboscara(TM) SR4plus, SR6plus and SR8plus from Bosch Rexroth Corporation. The new robot series includes an absolute measurement system, optional plug-and-play pre-wiring of the robot arm for end-of-arm tooling, and additional economical controls options. The new functions let manufacturers conserve space, save money and increase output.

The key to faster start-ups and more compact robot cell design is the use of absolute encoders throughout the product line. The new absolute measurement system ensures that the robot always knows its work envelope position without the typical time-consuming reference homing cycle each time the robot is powered up. And users can now build more compact robot cells, since
elimination of the homing cycle means the cell designer does not have to allow for extension of the robot arm to its full stroke reference point. A cell can be designed to fit just the work area, which means that even the SR8plus, with its heavier payload capacity, can be used in tight spaces.

Additionally, all turboscara robots, SR4plus, SR6plus and SR8plus, can be pre-wired for plug-and-play attachment of end-of-arm tooling. This speeds on-site electrical and pneumatic installation. And once the gripper is installed, the robot's SR-CAN module can be connected to an Asi-bus for quick gripper changeover, when needed.

An improved EVS201 power supply and safety module now includes four operating modes for automatic or manual operation, adding flexibility to robot operation. For added safety, the new system also provides for easy two-channel integration into a global emergency stop system.

Also available for turboscara plus models is a new, economical control system, the rho4.0-an alternative to the existing PC-based control kernel rho4.1. The cost-effective rho4.0 version includes all robot-specific functions and the internal PLC. Field bus expansions such as Profibus-DP, Interbus-S and CANopen are available as optional functions.

Standard delivery also includes a more capable OPC server, and the standard rho4.1 memory has been upgraded to 128 MB to accelerate performance of Windows applications. The new turboscara plus series is shipping, now.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation, a merger of Bosch Automation Technology and Rexroth, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. In the year 2001 the separate companies had total revenues of approximately $3.42 billion (3.86 billion Euros) and a worldwide total of around 26,000 employees. Divisions include Industrial Hydraulics, Electric Drives and Controls, Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies, Pneumatics, Service Automation and Mobile Hydraulics. Bosch Rexroth - The Drive & Control Company - offers comprehensive solutions for drives and motion
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