Robotic Dispenser adapts to different height plates.

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Featuring full robotic control of manifold, Micro10(TM) is capable of dispensing to shallow and deep SBS plates without use of spacer or manual adjustment. With 50 mm of vertical travel, manifold moves up and down as microplate is stationary in plate nest and 12 tips dispense liquid into wells of microplate. Unit, equipped with touchscreen operator panel, uses Softlinx(TM) scheduling software to ensure proper alignment of dispensing and plate heights.

Original Press Release:

Micro10(TM) Robotic Dispenser Adapts To Different Height Plates

Hudson Control Group, Inc. of Springfield, New Jersey has developed a novel solution to the problem of dispensing to shallow and deep SBS plates. Hudson's Micro10(TM) dispenser has full robotic control of the manifold, which moves up and down as the microplate is stationary in the plate nest and the 12 tips dispense liquid into the wells of the microplate. 50 mm of vertical travel allows dispensing into deep and shallow plates without the use of a spacer or manual adjustment. Hudson's Softlinx(TM) scheduling software sends plate height data to the Micro10(TM), which automatically adjusts its dispensing height to match that of the plate. Hudson's new Micro10(TM) can be loaded and operated manually, but is also fully compatible with robot loading systems such as Hudson's PlateCrane EX and LabLinx high performance track system for unparalleled throughput and ease of setup. The Micro10(TM) features a Touch Screen operator panel that is user friendly and has components, which include Auto Prime, Row Select, Tip Touch, Depth control of liquids inside a plate-well, and Autoclavable Fluid Path. Hudson's Micro10(TM) is designed to meet the needs of high throughput screening, cell-based research and genomic/proteomic applications. Contact: Hudson Control Group, Inc. 10 Stern Avenue Springfield, New Jersey 07081 Philip J. Farrelly 973-376-7400 Fax: 973-376-8265

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