Robot Kit allows users to build programmable robot.

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Designed with x-beam metal frame body, ER1 robot kit is available in 3 configurations for different skill levels. It features computer vision, hearing, speech, networking, remote control, e-mail, autonomous mobility, gripping, and IR sensing capabilities. It includes open software system and reconfigurable chassis. Sequence of up to 288 robot behaviors can be performed by robot, enabling it to perform numerous complex maneuvers, operated by remote laptop computer.

Original Press Release: Announces the Next Step in the Evolution of Robotics

The ER1 is the first affordable robot that uses professional level robotics software technology and industrial grade hardware. For use with a laptop computer, this amazing robot is available in three different configurations for three different skill levels.

The ER1 is serious robotics not some glorified "wind-up" toy. It has computer vision, hearing, speech, networking, remote control, email, autonomous mobility, gripping and IR sensing capabilities along with an open software system and a reconfigurable chassis.

The Unassembled ER1 Robot Kit comes with extensive documentation with 32-step assembly procedure accompanied by large images and detailed instructions and 10 activities. Sections explain how to calibrate and use the software and details 50 ways to use the robot. The "body" of the robot consists of an X-Beams metal frame that can be slotted together with the use of the included plastic clips and set screws.

Interfacing with the robot is accomplished using the included Robot Control Center application software. The robot can be programmed to look for a specific object using image recognition, to react to a number of sounds, to look for and react to messages within emails, instructed to conduct specific actions at certain times or time intervals and more. It is possible to link together a sequence of up to 288 robot behaviors enabling the robot to perform a number of complex maneuvers.

The All Inclusive ER1 Robot Pack configuration includes the ER1 Robot Kit, The Gripper, The IR Sensor Pack, and The Expansion Pack. The Gripper is an arm-like accessory that allows the ER1 to grab and carry objects. Because the Gripper is constructed of re-configurable, expandable, X-Beams, it can be customized to fit just about any requirements. The Gripper features smooth opening and closing gripper action, and a strong and reliable spring system operation. The IR Sensor Pack provides the ER1 with another set of eyes, making for a "smarter" robot. The Expansion Pack contains additional beams and connectors that allow for further customization of the ER1 by making it taller or wider. Customers can also create your own design. Also includes two scooter wheels.

For those individuals with C++ programming skills, the Advanced ER1 Robot Pack provides an additional challenge. The Advanced Pack comes with the Evolution Robotics Software Platform (ERSP) 2.0 which was developed for the educator or robotic enthusiast looking for professional level robotics software to use for research purposes. Software is available on Linux or Windows and includes a behavior-based robot control architecture. Comes with software development kit with complete documentation.

To operate the ER1 Robot a Pentium III or compatible, 500 MHz laptop computer is required. The computer must have Windows 98 or higher, 256MB RAM, 250MB hard Disk space, and 2 USB ports. Additional requirements are a monitor supporting 1024 x 768 screen setting and microphone for voice/sound recognition.

To take advantage of the optional networking capabilities, the laptop requires 802.11 wireless network and Ethernet adapters, a separate PC with internet access, an additional camera, and wireless microphone.

For more information or to purchase the ER1, interested individuals can visit the scientificsonline web site.

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